My Philosophy in Nursing Assignment

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My Philosophy of Nursing My assumptions about nursing: The core of nursing is: The core of nursing is to develop a relationship among the nurse and patient which is beneficial to the client and provides for them the health care necessity they are in need of. The focus of nursing is: To care for a patient who is in need and cannot meet this need on their own. My beliefs about person, health, and environment are: Persons (Individuals, families, communities): These are the people we are working to serve.

These people deserve respect, dignity, and fair treatment regardless of their race, class, gender, or extent of health. These people are also the families of those we serve and our peer nurses and doctors. All of these people need to work together in order to provide the best care possible. Health: Health is what we want to maintain or improve upon. I believe that health is what we as nurses try to improve upon in the ill and try to promote maintenance of in the already healthy.

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Environment: Environment is very important in nursing because you need to provide an environment which is conducive to healing and developing a therapeutic relationship with the client. The environment can be a useful tool in gaining trust and a rapport with your client if it is a neutral place where the client feels safe. My beliefs about the outcomes of nursing: The outcomes of nursing are that the client comes out of the care feeling as though all of the needs they required were met and the nurse feels as though they did their job effectively.

My beliefs about how to facilitate health: I think that if you remain patient-centered as a nurse you will always be working to facilitate health. To facilitate health you need to be focused on what the patient is in need of, what you can do to heal them, what you can teach them to continue a healthy life style, etc. How I will live out my philosophy in practice: I will live my philosophy out in practice by always trying to remain focused on the care and the patient in my care.

I will try to see my job not as a task that has to be checked off, but rather that each day I get to help others and contribute to their health in some way. Also I will remember that person, health, and environment are all important and use all of them together to provide the best care. If I remember these things and implement them, I will feel that I am accomplishing my philosophy and being the best possible nurse I can be.

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