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Guidelines were made for soldiers in order to know who to put in the gas chambers, and who should be working hard labor. Gas chambers, ovens, and simply shooting at people, starvation, and working people to death, were all techniques used to exterminate Jews in concentration camps all throughout the holocaust. The tragedy began at January 30th, 1933 and ended at May 8th, 1945, when the war student 9/24/14 9:30 PM Comment [1]: It was depressing to write about this in Europe ended. Between these two massive periods many things had gone on.

Hitler had blamed the Jews for Germany’s defeat in World War 1 . He brainwashed the Germans into hating them. He believed that the German race was better than any other race and that Germans deserve to live. Blonde hair and blue eyes was also the master race to Hitler, even student 9/24/14 9:31 PM Comment [2]: Hitler very picky who wanted alive though he had dark hair and dark eyes. Hitler wanted to kill off all the “imperfect” people. When this news got out to all the Jews they became very nervous and a lot went into hiding.

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It was not long until Hitler was having Jews and other imperfect types of people hauled off to the specially redesigned concentration camps to be gassed. Hundreds and thousands of Jews’ blood was shed from the hands of Doll Hitler every day, and still, he acted as if he were making the world better. Later on in the Holocaust, Jewish towns practically became death traps for any Jew that walked the streets. Almost every second of the day, Nazi soldiers would be roaming the streets for vulnerable people, and Just watching people like hawks waiting for someone to mess up.

Very often a train would come past the towns and take thousands of Jews and other non Arians, such as gypsies, or people that did not fit his definition of the perfect race, blond hair and blue eyes, to the death camps that were farther away. There would also be trucks and cattle carts that would pick up hundreds of people. These small carts would shove in as many people it could fit and everyone would be hauled off to a closer camp whether they wanted to go or not.

It was also known that if you were too resistant to the carts and trucks then you would either be shot on sight to be made an example of or you would be strung up to one of the transporters and be dragged to the camp. People who were too weak to work, or sick were sent to the gas chambers. Poison gas was used Just as the gas that the Germans made in the World War One, to suffocate large masses of people. The Nazis began using gas chambers against the Jews, mentally ill, nonsexual, gypsies, and physically disabled. The first gas chamber was built in Chemo, Poland, about fifty miles outside of Load in 1939.

People were told to take off all their clothes, and strip down, as Nazi soldiers would check for any valuables to remove and keep. Children, and women were told that it was a public shower, to prevent panic or attempts at escape. The soldiers would try to fit in as many people as possible. To make even more space they would tell everyone to put there hands up so more people could fit. The Nazis also found that it as much faster to kill all of the victims when the room was more compacted of people. Disguised soreheads gassed the prisoners to death using Colon-B pellets.

Colon B, a poisonous gas made from hydrogen cyanide crystals, was originally manufactured as a strong disinfectant and for pest control. Carbon monoxide was pumped through storage containers while Colon B pellets were dropped through holes in the ceiling. Carbon monoxide, an odorless gas was used in the gas chambers as well as hydrogen cyanide. Carbon monoxide robs the victim’s organs of oxygen, while hydrogen cyanide blocks the absorption of oxygen by the body’s tissues. People were killed after approximately 5 to thirty minutes, and about 1,000 Jews were killed each day using this technique.

You could even tell that this technique of murder was painful by the look of the thousands and millions of nail scratching all over every wall in the gas chambers. Over 1. 25 million people were exterminated at Auschwitz from the gas and had to go through all that pain. What did they do with all the bodies? They burned them to ashes. The Nazis apparently found this much easier than throwing all the bodies in holes that would take many hours to dig. The crematorium was a very popular way of disposing of the bodies.

They would burn them and then throw the ashes into the river, but it wasn’t always Just a river that the ashes would go into. Ashes had many different ways to be disposed of. They were also used for gardens and to fertilize land. They were also used as landfill on uneven ground in marshes. Once in a while some Nazi soldiers would even take some ashes and sell it to popular artists who used the ashes as paints. Some ashes were laid out in huge fields and were identified as graves after the holocaust. This one use in particular was the only respectful way to dispose of them, but sadly it was only until after all the tragedy was over.

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