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Chapter I ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND Business Profile Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation is located at Lawaan, Roxas City. The company is using manual operation in storing the forms that Costumers fill up and brochure for the Costumer to choose the motorcycles they wanted. The Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation sells only branded motorcycles such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Those brands have different models. At present, the said company has 136 branches all over the Philippines. The main branch is located in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.

The company was founded by Mr. Reynaldo Borja Odulio and Mrs. Rosario Teresita Ortiz Luis Odulio in the year 1988, envision itself as the largest business company that actively leading in Sale, Marketing, Distribution and Financing motorcycles in the Philippines. The said company is consistent with its attainments of excellence in the motorcycles industry, the company provides credit assistance for those who want to establish additional and alternative source of income thus assuring client’s satisfaction and surpassing all their expectation.

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The Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation, Lawaan, Roxas City is manage by Mr. Fortune I. Carlos. The said company offers high quality motorcycles from different leading companies. They have eight employees here in Roxas City that offers good service and accommodate their costumer very well. Five of their employees are in office and three in field. Nationwide, the number one competitor of the said company is Motortrade. Here in Roxas their competitors are Solid Motor Distributor Incorporation, Du Ek Sam Incorporated, Norkis etc.

Their suppliers are Kawasaki that came from Cebu and Manila, Yamaha and Suzuki came from Laguna, Honda came from Alabang and Paranaque. Those motorcycles are transported though Roro and delivered here in Roxas. For purchasing their product in credit the costumer must be 21-55 years old. Must have 5 pieces 2×2 picture, has white background, had two valid I. D. and proof of income. The Client must fills up Application for Credit form that will be treated as confidential. Then the management will conduct Character Investigation to the Costumer and if he deserves they will hand over the product.

Website is becoming popular for a company in advertising the product. Costumer can visit the site of the company and be able to know and see the images, prices, brands and models of motorcycles. Website is also helpful for the costumer for they can be ready in terms of down payment they needed to pay to purchase the motorcycles and requirements needed to have. By this, Costumers can bring all the requirements before going to the company and purchase the motorcycle they want. Problem statement The proponents determined the following problems that occurred in the current system. . They have no official website. 2. Work of employees done slowly because of the current system they use is manual. 3. Not well known company in the City. Project Objectives The objective of this project is to create a Website that can facilitate the advertisement of Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation. 1. To create an official website for Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation Roxas City. 2. To make their work faster by making their current system computerized. 3. To make their company well known here in Roxas City. Scope of the Project

This project will focus on creating website for the company. The project will cover up the advertising of the product of Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation that will help the management to give information about the product they sell in the fastest and convenient way they can. The content of the website is the images, prices, brand and models of motorcycle they sell. It will be beneficial, not only on the management but also to the client. All the information about the product they sell will be provided by this project. Significance of the Project

This study will be a great help for the company if the proposed system will be implemented. It will enhance their advertising strategy compare to their current system. Costumers and Buyers could save time and money for they would not travel to the company and choose for the motorcycle they wanted. Employees may improve their work for better. They could other task. Company would save money and effort in their advertising. Definition of terms The important words are defined as follows: Website- as used in the project, it refers all the information about the product they sell.

Advertising- as used in the project, it refers on the commercial of the products of company. Brands- as used in the project, it refers on the brand name of the product. Motorcycles- as used in the project, it refers as the products sell by the company. Chapter II DATA ANALYSIS ??? CURRENT SYSTEM System Functionality At present the Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation use a brochure that the customer use to choose their products and the customers needed to go there in order to see the product they sell. This process needed to improve for better operations.

Through this proposed system, the customer don’t need to go there, all they to do is open the website, all the information they needed are provided by the website. Forms and Data Sources The Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation is using manual operation for storing the Application for Credit forms. In order to purchase the product in credit the costumer must possess and submit complete requirements such as two valid I. D. , five pieces 2×2 pictures, has a white background and must be 21-55 years old. Chapter III THE PROPSED SYSTEM System Overview The proposed system for Wheetek Motor Sales Corporation is Website.

This system can be a big help for the company to make their sales improve and make their company well-known here in Roxas City. It is also helpful for the costumer for they can view the brand and models of motorcycles and choose what they want without transporting to the company. They can also be ready for the requirements needed by visiting the website. The system has pages such as Home, About Us, Contact Us, Requirements, and Products. In the proposed system, the Costumer can determine the prices of the motorcycles and choose if they wanted the cheapest.

For more inquires the Client can contact the company through the telephone number and email address displayed in the Contact Us page of the website. There are also some updates in the website if there is a promo or sales that the client can view every time they visit the website. It would be a great advantage to the company. It is a website that easy to operate and user friendly. Chapter IV PROJECT MANAGEMENT Software Recommendation Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation is using manual operation by showing brochure to the client and touring to the whole shop.

The proponents therefore recommend that Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation shall proposed website. In implementing this, the software needed is Macromedia Dream Weaver. Hardware Recommendation The proponent obtains a complete set of new computer to improve the performance of the system. People-Ware Recommendation The costumers are the target user of this people-ware recommendation. Cost and Benefits These are the following cost of the hardware and software Computer SetP1, 7000 Monthly Internet Connection1, 900 per month Proposed System30, 000 Maintenance and repair3, 000 per month Total Cost51, 900

Tangible Benefits This proposed system will help the company financially it will give them less financial problems that surely effective in increasing their sales and income. Intangible Benefits With the proposed system the company will be admired by the costumers because of its competitive standard which having a computerized system. Chapter V SUMMARY, CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION Project Summary Having a wide extent of technology the business world unfolds with it. People think of creating a system to have a large comprehensive in order for them to grow in the business world.

By technology, computer plays an important role in the society especially in business transaction. The proponents conducted this newly made Website of Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation in order to help and develop its transaction and also to give them convenience to their business, it also give more improvement and benefits to their company. Project Conclusion The proponents concluded that Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation needs to change their advertisement for their product. The company needs to change and improve to make their company more popular. The proposed system can give solution to their problem.

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