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It is the absolute master document for the project and as such it should be the single point of reference on the project for robbers, goals and objectives, scope, organization, cost and budget. There are items within the Charter that are supported by additional project control documents. In these instances the Charter will name the documents involved and describe their purpose and use throughout the project life cycle.

This serves to keep changes to the master document to a required minimum while providing a mechanism to monitor and control the key areas of the project on an ongoing basis. Business Problem Kit Kaki Printing Shop is a business who still uses the old way of business transaction which is manual procedure or paper works. In today’s generation which is computer had a vital role in our life, Kit Kaki Printing Shop can be classified as a traditional style of business, this is one of their biggest problem, their manual way of business transaction.

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Making their business transaction computerize and digital can boost the growth of their business, during peak season wherein there is a large amount of demand in the market, despite of rush works, customer still wants satisfactorily to their orders, that’s why computerized version is more effective than manual, because it can minimize or eliminate errors or can be a reliable reference for the owner and errors compare to the paper works. Project Objectives Kit Kaki Printing Shop Sales Monitoring is the proposed computerized version for the daily transaction of the Kit Kaki Printing Shop.

The project will provide an improved version for the monitoring of the sales of the business of Kit Kaki Printing Shop. The proposed project aims to create a digital way of transacting every process of the business. To make a reliable and more detailed process on every step of the business. To have a better time management due to date of picking-up. To create more accurate business process to achieve the customer satisfaction. Sales Monitoring By Scenery

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