Industrial Revolution Assignment

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In the sass’s there were major negative and positive changes to the U. S. The negative changes that were sweeping the nations was population and transportation. The negative changes that were changing the U. S. Was harsh working conditions in industrial cities during the industrial revolution, and diseases that spread through the cities. There are two positive changes that happened in the U. S. The first positive change was for population. During the sass’s urban population grew in total from about . 4 million to about 6. 1 million.

The population was largest in the northeast part of the United States. (doc. 2) The population grew in the U. S. Because of goods being produced and industrial factories. With larger population there were more buildings that were built so then the population could grow. This grow in population led to many more improvements in transportation. With a larger population the United States was more known to people around the world. The second positive change for the U. S. Was about transportation and how it made the economy better.

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Each form of transportation moved people and goods from one place to another. It also opened areas for economic development. There was the creation of steamboats with is part of transportation. The steamboat also led to other types of transportation. There was the Erie Canal witch was a government project, originally created by Dewitt Clinton, he served in the New York State Legislature and the U. S. Senate. The Erie Canal led from Albany to Buffalo and increased transportation by a lot. Then there was the National Road that trenched from Washington D.

C. To Vanilla. (doc. 3) With transportation of people and goods there was more access to the West and manufactured goods were delivered to almost all major cities. People began to move to more popular places with bigger populations. This soon led to arbitration. The steamboat was created by Samuel Slater, made transportation easy along the Erie Canal. The creator of the Erie Canal, Dewitt Clinton, was called the Father boo the Erie Canal. ” There are two negative changes that happened to the United States.

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