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This revolution had many impacts, both positive and negative, which strongly affected health, environmental, working and technological factors which still could be debated to affect our lives today. One major impact of the Industrial Revolution was based around health aspects. This impact was both positive and negative because of the conditions people were living in. Positive health outcomes that came from the Industrial Revolution included improved living conditions, death rates declining, birth rates increasing, innovations in health care and moon diseases were eradicated with preventative medicine.

This lead to people living a healthier and easier lifestyle. Negative health impacts of the revolution included the pollution of the air caused by all the emission let off by the factories and lack of safety protection in factories which lead to many workers injuring themselves. Health and social aspects of the Industrial Revolution had a major impact on the workers and the environment. Working conditions had a major impact on society throughout the Industrial Revolution. With the invention of mass-producing machinery overcoming hand-made methods, people who were looking for a career were forced to move to the cities.

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This eventually led to the employment of women and even children who earned up to 5 shillings a week for working in dangerous conditions for 16 hours a day! This situation was one of the worst negative impacts seen in the revolution as a whole. The Industrial Revolution lead to greater levels of automation and use of machinery in factories. This was because automation led to cheaper mass production and therefore a larger refit for factory owners. An example of this is Watt’s invention of the steam engine enabled factories to transport mass produced goods.

This situation led to a decline in the demand of low skill workers. As whole, the Industrial Revolution had many negative and positive impacts on lives at the time which could still be debated to affect our lives today. The emissions let off by the factories has left our air polluted, the steam engine has led to various new ways of transporting goods and people around the countries, we still untied to develop preventative medicines to Stop widespread diseases and technology in the textiles industry has been developed into current technology which is still frequently used today.

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