Social Media in Communication Management Assignment

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Concept focused, rather than application/platform focused! Module is complementary yet independent from MAMMON Advertising Strategies and MAMMON Principles of Com MGM Course Goals At the end of this module, you will be able to:! Understand how social media works and how it fits into the overall media landscape! Devise and manage social media strategies and campaigns! Evaluate the effectiveness of social media campaigns! Understand the theoretical underpinnings of social media behavior! Understand the implications that the use of social media has for the industry as well as for society in general!

Examine from critical and practical angles the social, economic and business impacts of social media The Team Lecturer: Dry Tracy LOL (Ooh. [email protected] Du. So)! Teaching Assistant: Mr. Derrick Eng ([email protected] Du. So) Lecture Etiquette Respect and consideration! Arrive on time! NO TALKING DURING LECTURE ! Turn off mobile phones! Refrain from social media distractions during class I. E. No text messaging or MOM-ins or Beckoning or Tweeting or posting on Hardware’s or Stomp-ins or…! Expectations Come prepared to participate ! Read, read, read!! Everything in the assigned readings will be tested!

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Lectures will only highlight key points! Do not read only at the end of the semester! Ask to clarify doubts! Email any of the teaching team! Make appointment for consultation! Ask on the forum! Lecture notes are skeletons outlines and you are expected to fill them in during lectures! Attendance is expected at BOTH lectures and tutorials Academic Integrity Academic Integrity is a critical value of the University Community and integrity violations destroy the fabric of a learning community and the spirit of inquiry that is vital to the effectiveness of the University.

Please find more information on Academic Integrity of BASS at http://www. Fast. Onus. Du. So/ docs/undergrad/ plagiarism_warning. HTML.! Students must be aware that using others’ work without proper attribution (e. G. Citing the work properly) constitutes plagiarism. Even when a student paraphrases another person’s work, proper citations are necessary to avoid plagiarism.! The BASS offers a small e-course in plagiarism. See http:// module. Onus. Du. So/AC/. Students caught plagiarism will receive a zero in their assignments and will be referred to the Dean’s office.

Second offenders can face a nine and other disciplinary actions. So make sure you acknowledge any sources or material you use in your assignments! Assessment Date Weighted Individual Assignment 29 Swept, pm Group Project (Report + Presentation) 14 Novo, pm Peer Review 17 Novo, pm 5% Class Participation Tutorial attendance/ participation! Lecture participation! VILE Forum participation Final Exam 2 Deco 2014 (Evening) Tutorials! Attendance is mandatory – official documentation must be shown no later than a week from date of absence! Application of concepts I. E. Looking at the platforms/technologies!

Arrival 10 miss after start of tutorial will be counted as absence! Forum! Contributions in terms of interesting posts and analysis! Final exam! Closed book! Macs, short answers, essay! There is no webmaster for this class and lecture notes will be uploaded 24 hrs before the lecture Readings Tune, T. & Solomon, M. (2013). Social Media Marketing. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.! E-reserves (link via VILE)! Readings for the week will be highlighted in the Lesson Plan! Core vs.. Recommended readings About Email Read them!! This is our main method of communication! Aimed at alerting you about things related to class (e. Will let you know when tutorial and assignment questions are uploaded)! Information considered received once email is sent out! You are responsible for ensuring that our emails do not get routed to spam folders and that the mail does not bounce back (especially for those who re-route to a hotmail account) Group Project Group Project (30%) You are part of a social media agency pitching to a client (think of being part of Googol Social Media or Delano Digital). Create a social media campaign for the client.! Deliverables! Comprehensive report that captures concept and execution plans (20%)!

Creative presentation – 15 miss per group (10%)! Peer evaluation (5%) Client Select an existing company! No fictitious clients please ! Ensure that your client is not on the Excluded List (will be posted in VILE)! Either a corporate or non-profit organization! You will be assigned a category from which you choose your client Focus Setting of goals and objectives! Use of social media to help the organization attain goals and objectives! Use of concepts and theories in your recommendations! Process and rationale for your recommendations! How well (and realistically) recommendations fulfill objectives

Hints Look for organizations in need of change or improvement! Come to an agreement early on organization and problem to be solved/goal to be achieved! Strategies used will depend on the type of organization and goals and objectives to be achieved! Be prudent in your use of social media technologies! You do not have to use every technology available! Every strategy and tactic needs to be Justified! Social media is less expensive than traditional media but it is not free either! Group Report Format Maximum 20 pages ! AAA with 12 point font! At least 1. 5 spacing, 2. 54 CM margins! Creative!

No budget limitation (but must be realistic)! Focus on Justifications and rationale to back up your recommendations” Hand in hard copy of report + CD (soft copy of report, presentation deck, all creative) Creative Detailed rendering of concepts e. G. Website design (links and hyperlinks), Backbone page, twitter feed, community forums, video etc.! Provide one weeks worth of editorial content! DO NOT engage professionals! Use pictures, graphics, clipper, sketches as well as storyboard and script for videos! You can (but do not have to) produce the actual video or sound clip Presentation (10%)

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