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Sales Process BY gregl 212 27/10/2012 CRM : Customer Relationship Management 21/10/2012 CRM : Customer Relationship Management The aim : v to manage customer relationships v in an organized way supported by the salesprocess v based on v methodologies v softwares v collaboration : open/web, integrated/company server, vResource SDRC : “O Sales Process” PLM software 2 Why do a company need a salesprocess? 3 1. “To guide company and salespeople the way to success 2. To appear a customer as a professional partner and effective combat enemy’ 4 A representation of a salesprocess

Targeting Close Approach 8 Agreement Account Planning & 7 Assessment 6 Deployment Vision 5 Proof A similar one : convergence of client goals and ability of the company Business Agreement Order Business Objectives Team Build Operate Architect Solution Acceptance Implementation SDRC: Responsibility of Sales ends isbuild work? in his the order pain? How to structurefor him? Whatto thehe the the deal? Who doeswe do solution? How is get prospective time? can credibility? customer? Can can does do for Where wedo it? it us? me? Whatdo of SDRC formargin Responsibilitydohelp? chieved? for improvement?

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How SDRCproJect manager begins Who muchwe havecost? How can get started? could belt Customer: The need of a CRM : v building a database about its customers v storing datas at each step of the sales process v ranking contacts : suspects, leads, prospects, customers, vdescribing of v work flows v relationships v helping salespeople for v reports v reminding tasks, meetings v forecasting CRM implementations can fail if : v system or technology is too complicated v system provides more then the needs v system has to solve the loss of revenue there is no approval from senior of management team v training is not appropriate to each service… nd progressive v training is not started with marketing and sales departments v there are not any strategic goals ! v http://www. zoho. com/crm/blog/teaching-crm-future-employees. html 21110/2012 Some words on strategy : PORTER Five forces From : http://www. Justice. gov/atr/public/hearings/single_firm/docs/219395. htm worksheet : http://www. mindtools. com/pages/article/worksheets/ PortersFiveForcesWorksheet. df+ 1 force “complementors” : government, lobbying, 9 CRM : some tools From : http://www. wizard-systems. com/products/netsuite_crm. html 10 From : http://www. zoho. com/crm/ 11 http://www. salesforce. com/eu/ 12 Sales process 13 At each step Questions: Prospect : My Company : Definition of step Description of targets: Deliverable/Support for Sales: 14 1 Targeting Prospect : Who can help? My company : Who is the prospective customer?

Definition of step 1 Targeting to make an appointment Named accounts Industry segment orientation Company size criteria Address CD’s, Telemarketing Data Phone scripts Case histories ?????? VENDOR -rratntng Performance Criteria Sales Data Base 12 Calls per week 15 Start Named Account List Customer,prospects Development, Maintenance Appointment Making CEO, 2nd Level Based on Proactive Sales Campaign Management 12 Appointments Sales Database 16 1. 1 .

Proactive sales campaign v What it not is v Waiting for Leads in the office v Maintaining Customer Base v Complaining with quota v Waiting for marketing programs v Dreaming of large opportunities v Waiting to answer questions of prospect v Targeting the right opportunities v Identifying large business v High level and number of face to ace contacts v Following sales process v Get there faster to new Customer v Cumulate business to big orders v Professional Account management 17 1. 2. e professional v Appearance in front of future buyer : v To be late for an appointment is unacceptable v Mickey Mouse tie is nice, but not adequate v Do your socks match your suit? v Are your shoes polished? v Be well manicured 18 v Account management vExisting list of opportunities v List of prospective targets agreed with sales manager v Basic information about this potential vorganization v Minimizing travel time Working with blocks in time schedule v Develop and maintain Account database v Contexte of the target v Industry Segment 19 1. . Target’s Situation ?????? Latend pain ?????? Pain ?????? Vision of solution 20 v Situation of latend Pain v Customer does not really see needs – doesn ‘t feel pain v Seller/Consultant recognizes latend needs v Customer is not looking for improvement needs/ pain No pain no change real need Perception of need 21 v Situation of Pain vBuyer recognices needs, has pain vBuyer don ??????t know how to solve the problem vCustomer plans or is looking for improvement

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