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Nazi’s blamed it on spontaneous violence by citizens (although the AS started it dressed as regular civilians) in an attempt to avenge von Earth’s death! – German officials only intervened to prevent the destruction of German property and deaths! Practice Question! Explain how life changed for German Jews between 1933 and 1936. 1 legislation between 1933-1936. In particular the passing of the 1935 Emergent Laws radically altered life for Jews. These laws deprived them of their citizenship, by requiring that all citizens of the Reich be Aryan, and were diminished by banning legislations and marriage between Jews and Aryans.

Furthermore, other legislation was passed to prevent Jews who owned shops and property from being allowed to make any revenue and thus reducing them to abject poverty, which was particularly exacerbated (worsened) by the social practices of boycotting all Jewish establishments. Essentially, from 1933-1936 German Jews experienced a gradual isolation from German society as the Nazis sought to make them the target of their radical social policy. ! Page 2 of 6 stage 2: The Ghettos (1939-45) ! Ghettos were areas where Jews were confined from the rest of a city and population. ! Officials! Run by all-Jewish councils Attenuator) and police forces! – Followed Nazi orders for fear of repercussions ! – Council members = privileged positions BUT likely to be the first punished if Nazis displeased! Living Conditions! Inadequate conditions! Food: food supplies were inadequate – people struggled to avoid starvation! Overcrowding! Poor sanitation and hygiene leading to many diseases (rampant illness)! Insufficient fuel and clothing for winter heating needs (many died of hypothermia) ! Stealing/ crime was common! Resistance ! – Black market: Smuggled food, medicine and weapons! Poor control/authority – laws regularly broken! – Some schooling for children (inadequate and inconsistent)! – Guards shot anyone caught breaking the rules! – Warsaw (Ghetto) Uprising: Spring Lully-September) 1943! – 20, 000 Jews went into hiding and created a rebellion! – 300, 000 killed or deported by the Nazis! – 19 April 1943: Jews began an armed uprising against the AS (who had come to kill the inhabitants)! – About 7, 000 Jews died during the uprisings! Nazis deported over 50, 000 to the extermination camp at Trembling! Page 3 of 6 What caused the Warsaw Uprising in Spring of 1943?!

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The Warsaw Uprising of 1943 was a result of the growing unrest in the Warsaw Ghetto, which was caused by inadequate living conditions and dissatisfaction with the Nazi leadership. The Jewish population of the ghetto struggled to survive due to a months. Further, the cramped living areas and poor sanitation meant that disease was rampant. Such poor conditions caused growing unrest, which saw the black market expand to include weapons as well as food and medicine. The catalyst for the uprising was the presence of AS soldiers to kill thousands of Jews in hiding.! SST sentence: topic sentence – gave overview of the causes of the uprising. ! 2nd sentence: gave details about the pressures on Jewish life, the factors that made living conditions inadequate. ! 3rd sentence: expanded upon the pressures caused by inadequate living conditions! 4th sentence: explain the reaction to these pressures! 5th sentence: identified the specific cause/catalyst for the violence (presence of AS soldiers)! Page 4 of 6 Stage 3: Annihilation (Final Solution) ! Nazis decided to exterminate the Jews. Previously the death Jews had been indirect, now the exact policy was to kill as many as possible.

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