Rise of a Tyrant, Hitler and the Holocaust Assignment

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Rise of a Tyrant, Hitler and the Holocaust BY oliver2017284 Rise of the Tyrant, Hitler and the Holocaust Germany was in utter chaos due to hyperinflation, Joblessness, and humiliation prompted by the Treaty of Versailles leading to a demoralized and dire state. During this crisis, Adolf Hitler, an unknown though high-ranking German soldier of World War l, saw firsthand how his country fought and made sacrifices again and again only to face defeat in the end. Hitler conveniently assigned blame on the innocent Jewish people. “l will never be able to go back to Sweden without knowing inside myself that

I’d done all a man could do to save as many Jews as possible. ” – (Raoul Wallenberg), Letters and Dispatches 1924-1944. Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat and a humanitarian, saved over one hundred thousand Jews in Nazi occupied Hungary during the Holocaust and the later stages of World War II. Raoul Wallenberg witnessed horrific inhumane acts committed by Hitler and his Nazi army spurred by Hitler’s ambitions, his effective use of propaganda creating one of world’s worst human tragedies – the Holocaust, and his scapegoat of the Jewish people.

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Hitler wanted to restore Germany to its former glory and eliminate the aftermath of the Treaty of Versailles. With the Treaty of Versailles put into place after WWII, Germany was forced to pay harsh reparations and give-up German colonies. Hitler took advantage of Germanys instability to advocate his vision of a “pure” German state, which also helped solidify his gain for power. Germanys economy was in severe recession and that made Hitler’s power rise immensely because he was able to pinpoint the concerns of the masses. He put in place a social hierarchy where the

Aryans were placed at the top and the Slavs, Jews, and the homosexuals placed at the bottom. He advocated one strong leader was needed to help lead this movement for a stronger Germany. In his mind, the Jews were the culprit and could not be trusted. “The struggle for world domination will be fought entirely between us, between Germans and Jews. All else is facade and illusion. Behind England stands Israel, and behind France, and behind the United States. Even when we have driven the Jew out of Germany, he remains our world enemy. ” – (Adolf Hitler) declared in 1927.

He wanted to transform himself into a dominant leader and gain power by sacrificing the Jewish people. Therefore, Hitler was eager to create this imagined utopia where Germany was a country consisting of a single race, absolutely no Jews, and no physically or mentally impaired people and transforming it into a world power once again. To gain power, propaganda was heavily used to brainwash the masses and spread anti-Semitism to help him gain the status of the Fuhrer – a tyrannical leader. Hitler even created a special name for the Jews, “Untermenschen” – the sub-humans.

Discrimination against the Jews quickly spread as time passed under the reign of Hitler. “It is a small, rootless, international clique that is turning the people against each other that does not want them to conduct peace. ” – (Adolf Hitler) speaks in 1929. personal biases and opted to tarnish the Jewish legitimacy. Hitler conveyed to his people that the Jewish had no permanent country of origin, and therefore they had no loyalty to Germany either. He also manipulated the masses by dehumanizing the Jewish people.

Nazi thugs forbid Germans from going into Jewish shops, banks, and ffices, but unfortunately for Hitler, most Germans initially ignored his mission. Hitler did not expect his power to be condoned by his peers, what he wanted was his rules to have impact and widespread by the use of force and violence. His hunger for power soon led him to be a malicious and tyrannical leader. Hitler started to distinguish the hierarchies by creating symbols and signs to distinguish the Jews from the rest. Jewish people had their Jewish star sign pinned on their Jacket, and they weren’t allowed in certain places such as theaters, swimming pools, and resorts.

On the other hand, people that wore the Swastika were feared but respected. Furthermore, what the soldiers accomplished were all part of Hitler’s propaganda plans. As Germany dominated Austria, Poland, and countries around Czechoslovakia, Hitler attempted to eliminate the Jewish race completely by building concentration camps. The Nazis filled the concentration camps with Jewish captives and slowly eradicated them. They eliminated woman, children, and elders because of their physical limitations . Germans also forced the men and teens to labor for long hours.

Hitler wanted to make use of the Jewish people efficiently, so he made them do harsh physical labor that no one else was willing to do. The Nazis committed mass murders after they felt the Jews’ work was done. Hitler thought about the limiting factors such as the food source, so he fgured the best way was to kill them all. Hitler used methods such as mass open-air shootings, gas chambers, forced to work until death, and death marches. Hitler anticipated many ways to get rid of the Jews as fast as possible. One of his well known and cruel ways was to use gas chemicals to poison the Jews.

Almost 6 million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust and that was two-thirds of the Jews in Europe at the time. 1. 1 million children were killed during the Holocaust. His inhumane actions clearly brought the attention of the outside world. Germans were extremely powerful and advanced, they started to expand their army and reached for the Soviet Union. However their aggressive and quick expansion exhausted their own supplies. (Lucy Li) Hitler’s troops were exhausted, millions dead or captured, and with the fall of the Romanian oil fields, German armies were running out of gasoline.

Soon they dropped from the peak to the pit bottom by an attack from other countries such as the United States. During Hitler’s reign, hundreds of thousands of Jews were sent into concentration camps. Wallenberg took on a humanitarian mission to save around one hundred Jews. Hitler’s inhumane act to gain power was completely unforgiving and needs to be prevented at all cost in the future. Hitler exchanged 5. 7 million Jewish people for the sake of his own power and selfish dream. Therefore, this dark part of history should never happen again for the sake of humankind.

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