The Rise of Adolf Hitler Assignment

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This essay will iscuss why Hitler was able seize so much power by inspecting the Treaty of Versailles, his political abilities and use of propaganda, and the stock market crash. The Treaty of Versailles played a crucial role in Hitter’s rise to power. Signed on June 28, 1919, the treaty was used to punish Germany for the damages and war crimes Germany committed during WWW. In the treaty, Germany was forced to pay immense war reparations. The Germans saw Hitler as a leader whom could create a solution for their problems and a more unified country.

Prussian nobleman, Arnold Frothier von Footings- Reich stated “Hitler for many of us was the savior from the economic and social disaster, the unifier of the German people, the man who was restoring the its honor abroad… ” Hitter’s political abilities were outstanding. In order to attract and unite the German citizens, he used his personality, propaganda and wisely planned his speeches. Hitler used simple and concise language during his speeches so all citizens will understand him more and hopefully support him.

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He also had strong orphanage slogans painted promises of an alluring future for Germany. His first and most significant point was the “rebirth” of Germany to after the catastrophic Treaty of Versailles, which would be abolished when he seized power along with the other reparations. He promised to improve economic prosperity by changing the strategy that the current government used. A German whom had given Hitler his heart stated, “Hitter’s words were like a scourge.

When he spoke the disgrace of Germany, I felt ready to spring on any enemy… The final but most important factor that led to Hitter’s elevate to power is the stock market crash and the Great depression that followed. Germany was given American loans tore pair its economy and pay the World War One reparations to Britain and France. When Germany was rigorously hit by the stock market crash in 1929, German businesses closed and unemployment rose dramatically. The Germans grew angry because of the constantly suffering economy.

The German people, who did not want to live the tragic consequences of he Treaty of Versailles, limpidly opted for the vigorous, decisive regime of Hitler. After the Crash, with the unemployment mounting, the percentages of the Nazi electoral prosperity were perpetually growing. Without a doubt, Hitler was presented as a very captivating alternative. Lillo Linked, a university student in Munich states “Full of hatred, they accused the international financiers- the Jews and Socialists- their old enemies- of having exploited their distress.

They never forgot and forgave and were he first to lend a willing ear to Hitter’s fervent preaching. ” Analyzing all the factors that allowed Hitler to gain such popularity, it could be said that Doll Hitter’s elevate to power was inescapably foreordained. This is due to the combination of his qualities and the economic circumstances. Hitter’s traits and persuasive speeches only served him to a certain extent. In the end, the tragedy of the stock market crash is what led his way to power. If the crash had not happened, Hitler would stay on the political sidelines.

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