The Mask of Adolf Hitler Assignment

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Unfortunately the government in intro of Germany before had not fulfilled its promises but instead made the devastating depression. With the help of emotional speeches, false propaganda, and the angry masses Hitler was able to fool the world and create an immoral reign. Propaganda depicted Hitler as a godly figure rather than the cruel killer of thousands of Jews. He was often referred to as the father or the savior which was encouraged by his supporters.

Even though Hitler had been in prison and was criticized for his book Mien Kampala they ignored his physiological issues and trusted his propaganda . In the egging of his seize of power he was not originally favorite of the people but entered the government though corrupt bargaining. “Hitter’s Nazi party captured 18% of the popular vote in the 1930 elections. In 1932, Hitler ran for President and won 30% of the vote, forcing the eventual victor, Paul von Hindering, into a runoff election.

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A political deal was made to make Hitler chancellor in exchange for his political support. He was appointed to that office in January 1933″ (Hitter’s Rise to Power). Hitter’s rule of Germany could have been prevented if the people had not been blinded by propaganda. Hitler is widely know for is immaculate speeches that rallied up the country’s sprits and devotion. “Three years ago I declared in this same room that the collapse of the German national consciousness must carry with it into the abyss the economic life of Germany as well.

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