Adolf Hitler and Josef stalin Assignment

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Stalin Doll Hitler and Josef Stalin are two of the most infamous men of World War II. Each man made their mark on history and as similar as they are there were many differences between them too. Neither one of the men were born into the nations they ruled. Stalin was from Georgia and his real name is Josef Asheville not of Russian decent and Hitler was born in Austria and was not a citizen of Germany at birth.

The similarities between Joseph Stalin and Doll Hitler are never-ending, as re the differences. Under their direction, millions of people were murdered and imprisoned. The two men are more similar to each other before their reign of power. As a child Stalin grew up poor and an only child. His father worked as a shoemaker and was an alcoholic who beat his young son Stalin. Stalin’s mother was a laundress. When Stalin was a young boy he became ill with smallpox which left him young Stalin with lifelong facial scars.

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As a young man in his teen years Stalin received a scholarship to attend seminary and studied to become a priest in the Georgian Orthodox Church. In 1899, Stalin was kicked out of the seminary and became involved in various criminal activities that included bank heists and was arrested many times between 1902 and 1913 and served time imprisonment and was eventually exiled in Siberia. Doll Hitler was born on April 20, 1989 and baptized a Catholic. His father, named Allis Hitler, was a customs official.

It was said Hitter’s rancher Allis Hitler was actually Jewish. Credible evidence to support the notion of Hitter’s Jewish descent has never turned up. Hitler eventually began to seek a career in the visual arts and fought severely with his father, who wanted him to enter into a different career field. Hitter’s life of poverty began by living in homeless shelters by squandering a generous inheritance from his mother and father. He had personal and business relationships with Jews in Vienna.

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