Adolf Hitler; Truly Cruel but Surely Great Assignment

Adolf Hitler; Truly Cruel but Surely Great Assignment Words: 640

Adolf Hitler; Truly Cruel, but Surely Great A decorated war hero, a patriotic citizen and a great leader. Amazing skills that were responsible for the death of 11 million people. Although his intentions were corrupt, Adolf Hitler proved himself to be a clever leader as he brought his country out of The Depression and back as the worlds most strongest country. Hitler proved himself to be a great leader because he kept all of his promises and even today most leaders fail to do as they say. He brought Germany back out of The Depression, and he certainly made Germany the worlds strongest country, during the beginning and middle of World War Two.

Adolf Hitler had a very persuasive way of speaking to crowds. He started each of his speeches slow and very hesitant. He then made his voice louder exploding with passion and strength using hand gestures for added effect. By the end of his speeches, Hitler had the people who were listening eating out of the palm of his hand. He had promises for everyone. The unemployed, the poor, the widowed, the young, the old. He gave every German person what they wanted the most. Someone who would stand up and fight for them, someone who would make their decisions for them.

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Hitler offered all of that, plus he promised to bring order to the chaos and a feeling of unity and belonging. He said he would end the war payments and tear up the Treaty of Versailles. He promised to make Germany strong again. Hitler did what no other leader has done. He did everything he said he was going to do. Germany was the worst hit country by the Great Depression. However the man who ended the Great Depression in Germany was to take Germany into another World War and back to economic chaos. When Hitler won the 1933 election it was a major turning point for the German economy.

The Nazi program was designed to decrease unemployment and at least it did that. Hitler began massive spending to try and rebuild Germany. He re-built the factories and German industry. More importantly he started building tanks, warplanes and bullets as part of Germany’s rearming program. Hitlers preparation for war led Germany out of the Depression and into the Nazi era. During WWII, German troops were stationed in almost ? of Europe. Leaving out the Soviet Union and Britain. But with all the countries in Hitlers power, he was able to have more resources, to continue production in the war.

At the beginning of the war, Germany had control over the Rhineland and Hitler started to rematerialize his army there. Since no army had been there since 1920, all the resources, such as coal, had remained untouched. In the area of Saan, they had voluntarily went back to the German government, and Saan had been a country that was rich in natural oil and coal and using those resources, Hitler made the German Army stronger then it ever had been. For most of the time in the war, Germany had complete control over Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg France, thus making it Europe’s strongest country in the Second World War.

During his time as the leader of Germany, Hitler had proved himself to be a clever man and leader by taking his country out of the depression and making it Europe’s strongest government. But Hitler showed himself to be a strong leader because his people chose him. He didn’t force his way into politics. He was elected. It was the way he thought and it was Hitlers plan of action that led to his downfall. Adolf Hitler proved himself to be a great but evil leader in all of history, he cannot be forgotten; so his actions cannot be repeated.

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