The Holocaust Assignment

The Holocaust Assignment Words: 524

He abandoned his father, and he moved on to save his own life (824). We can assume that the son didn’t want to stay behind the troop, there was a big chance he would be shoot by Nazis because too slow to move on. In concentration camps, there is no love, no friendships. Even family cannot trust people, people betray each other for better opportunity to be alive. Blade’s father in-law was cheated by his another son in-law, Haskell. Haskell lied he will help the father in-law to stay with family and took the jewelry from him (Spiegel 1 15).

The jewelries would help him to read a bad conditions for living but Haskell put the father in-law to death. Betrays from own people is more painful from the crime that Nazis did to the Jews. After Jews were released from concentration camps, they were still suffering pains and guilt from their terrible experience, even the next generations had bad influence on it. In the book Mass, Ninja felt sorry and guilty for her dead parents and siblings, plus she was a sensitive person so she committed suicide and let her son carried guilt after she passed (Spiegel). It is very lucky and difficult can live through the Holocaust, and

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Ninja was that lucky survivor, but ridiculously, she could alive under the horrible conditions that Nazis put on her, but she committed suicide after all the pain had passed. The lasting effect on Ninja brought more damage than she went in the concentrating camp. Not only sensitive mother can have that strong lasting effect, but also Bladed that smart father totally changed his personality. When Artist’s friend left him, Bladed didn’t say thing to comfort him, “Friends? Your friends? ” (2). Life after the Holocaust didn’t bring much happiness than before the war. Bladed also became cheap and doubtful.

The lasting effect also has on the next generation. Artier is the son of Bladed and Ninja, he was growing up in a very negative condition, he had night mare about the AS will take him away from school and put him in the gas chamber. He even felt guilty because he was not going thought the bas conditions with his parents. All the terrible stories and incidents put him in the guilty to his parents. The lasting effects are tearing family apart. In conclusion, Nazis’ discrimination started this horrific event, Jews hurt each other to survive urine the Holocaust, and all the bad experiences brought huge lasting effects.

Nazis forced Jews to hide in anywhere they can and living like rats. They stuffed Jews like animals in the carriage without food and water. Brutal killing by Nazis proved the fact that Jews were not humans in Nazis’ eyes. During the Holocaust, even family can betray each other, Rabbi’s son could gave up on his father when he was only getting weaker. The holocaust’s lasting effect still can kill people. Ninja suicide because she was not able to bear the loss of her parents and siblings. Bladed treated his son impatiently and suspicious his wife.

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