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The Holocaust The Holocaust is considered one of the worst and most tragic genocides in the history of the world. Doll Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Army and was a very cruel leader and man. The Holocaust was the genocide of many Jews over in Europe during the time period of January 30, 1933 to May 8, 1945. The executions made during this time period was horrific and terrifying. Doll Hitler would find the Jews and have them put in concentration camps where the living conditions were horrible. They were hardly fed and forced to like in boxes packed with many people alike them.

They were stripped of all there clothing and forced to walk in lines outside in the freezing weather. Why didn’t anyone help them? Why were they all alone? This took place during world war two and many people in the U. S. Wanted to stay neutral for many reasons. The U. S. Never Joined the fight till the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, but that does not mean we were not aware of what was taking place and that we were not doing anything to help. Many people died in the concentration camps due to the cruel and unusual punishment.

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Some of the death penalties given to these people were the following: Shoved into buildings where they would drop beads that would burst into poisonous gas, put into a something like a giant oven and burned to death, others died by pure starvation. These inhumane and crucial punishments were used to strike fear into the Jews, they were used to mass kill and prove no point into why this was being done. Some Jews were lucky enough to escape to other parts of the world, Just hoping to be able to return to their home without having to worry about the risk that would be oaken.

Doll Hitler was to be arrested when he killed his wife and kids and then took his own life Just moments before some of our soldiers were able to reach him. There are survivors of this indescribable time in our history who endured this kind of treatment and they share their stories today. Hopefully history never repeats itself in this type of measure. We hold the victims of this genocide in our prayers and we continue to memorial the victims with our hearts. They will never be forgotten nor this moment. By suffragist

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