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The Holocaust had a tremendous effect on the world, leaving a legacy that will forever be remembered. Due to the merciless actions of one man, Doll Hitler, over eleven million people died. Often, the Holocaust is remembered as an act against Jews, which it was, as the death toll included six million Jews, about two thirds of the Jewish population. But it should not be forgotten that there were five million other people who were targeted by Hitler, which included Gypsies, Slavs and disabled people. In all cases, these people were killed not because of something they did but simply for ho they were.

The Jews were Hitter’s scapegoat for the loss of World War I and the economic crisis that followed. He was able to convince the German people that he was purging the human race of these “monsters. ” And the purge then expanded to get rid of all “undesirables” in his effort to create the perfect ARIN race. In addition to the direct loss of life in the Holocaust, because of Hitter’s anti-Semitic views, countless Jews fled those areas under German control seeking a safe haven in other countries, including the United States.

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Money and personal possessions were lost or left Enid and people had to start their lives over again, often times without family members who were unable to escape or had been lost in a concentration camp. The pain and suffering of these people was tremendous and remained with them throughout their life. My great-grandfather had been imprisoned in a concentration camp and was fortunate enough to have been able to get out, although his sister was not as lucky. He escaped to America with my great-grandmother and grandfather, who was 10 at the time.

A lawyer in Austria, my great-grandfather had to start all ever again at the age of 42, learning a trade in a foreign country without knowing the language and trying to rebuild a life for himself and his family. It was hard and the memories haunted him throughout his life. Although he never talked about his experiences in the concentration camp, he one time expressed how the nightmares would still awaken him in the middle of the night, almost 60 years later. The atrocities of the Holocaust are far reaching and have truly stained the fabric of human existence in a way that will hopefully never again be seen.

The Holocaust was horrific event, but it did have some positive effects. The world learned first-hand what can happen when absolute power is placed in the hands of a radical, totalitarian leader. The importance of checks and balances in government was recognized to prevent abuse that can result when total power rests solely with one man. Furthermore, the United Nations, which was set up after World War II, started regulations with its member nations to help prevent genocide at this scale from happening again in the future. These policies were started at the Emergent War

Trials and the United Nation’s Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Protecting the rights of all people is directly expressed in the U. N. ‘s Universal Human Rights Declaration, and the Criminal Court in Hogue was established to protect these rights. Additionally, the creation of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D. C. And other memorials throughout the world will assure that this attack against humanity will be forever remembered in history as the worst genocidal action ever performed and as a reminder to all future generations of what an napped when power goes unchecked.

Hymnal, ten Jewels people were given Israel by the UN as a safe haven, a homeland; however this has caused many conflicts with the surrounding Arab countries, which do not support the Jewish religion. These conflicts have been in occurrence since Israel’s independence in 1948 and continue to this day, further highlighting the plight of this group of people that was taken to the extreme by Hitler. The Holocaust was a major event in the Twentieth Century, one that will never be forgotten.

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