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Franklin was always trying to think of ways to do things better so as not to waste time. He was born in Boston in January, 1706. The son of a candle maker and the fifteenth child out of seventeen children, Ben Franklins family was rather poor and everyone had to work in the store. Because they could not afford to send him any longer, Benjamin Franklin went to school only from the age of eight through the age often. It was during these years that Mr.. Franklin developed a love for books and would do Just about anything to borrow a book from wherever he could find one.

Libraries ere not in existence then. His family was religious and would always say prayers before meals. Ben, always the thinker, suggested to his father that wouldn’t it is better to Just say the prayers over the cask of meat once rather than at each meal. A few years later, Benjamin Franklin decided to teach himself how to swim. He did so in such a methodical way that he was able to write the first notes on swimming tips. He also experimented with paddles and developed the first swimming fins. Later, he served his apprenticeship under his older brother who ran a print shop.

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The newspaper that they produced was full of news about many different topics including politics. These articles were written by many different people who were known for their writing. Ben had some ideas but knew that if he told his brother, he would never have a chance of being printed; so he wrote an article from a woman’s point of view and used the secret name, Silence Do good. He slipped these writings and Benjamin had his first taste of success. At the age of seventeen, Benjamin ran away from his home in Boston.

He was tired of people telling him what to do and so with very little money, he went to Philadelphia and soon got a Job with another printer. He met Deborah Read and found a place to rent with her family. Benjamin Franklin continued with his self-improvement plan and his plan to become rich. As a young adult Benjamin Franklin purchased his own print shop and renamed the newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette which included many interesting articles, Jokes, comics and political ideas. It became one of the most popular newspapers in the thirteen colonies.

Because there were many farmers in the area, Franklin produced Poor Richards Almanac under the secret name of Richard Sanders. This was helpful to the farmers and fishermen with its weather and daylight savings times. Benjamin kept himself busy. He ran the paper, married Deborah Read in 1730, had three children, founded the Pennsylvania Academy and College, and continued to listen, learn, and discuss political views at small gatherings. In 1744 Franklin invented the Franklin Stove which was the first effective room heater. He retired from printing in 1748 and bought a farm.

In 1752 he proved that lightning was electricity ND from that he discovered that electricity would “leak” to the tip of a lightning rod and reduce the chance of a lightning strike. He was appointed by England to be the Deputy Postmaster General which allowed him to organize the postal service and create procedures that are still in use today. After visiting England and defining the American character he returned home and helped Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence in 1776 on July 4, 1776 and the Constitution in 1787.

Ben Franklin died in April, 1790 from pneumonia. He was 84 years old. Benjamin Franklin was known around the world for his experiments with lightening and electricity. He also created many inventions like the Franklin Stove, Swimming Pads and Lightning Rods that laid the ground work for items we use today. Mr.. Franklin did a lot for the community forming the first militia, the first postal service, helped form the first hospital and public library, and even the first insurance company. Even with all these amazing things, he is best known as one of our founding fathers.

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