Benjamin Franklin Biography Assignment

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Massachusetts. His parent’s names were Joseph and Beach. He was their tenth child and youngest son. Franklin loved to read, but his family didn’t have enough money for him to go to school, so he had to work with his dad. At around 12 years old, Benjamin started to work with his brother James who was a printer. The brothers had a fight and Benjamin ran away to Philadelphia. Soon he started his own print shop and he started to write his own newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette. Politics became more f an active interest for Franklin in the .

In 1757, he went to England to represent Pennsylvania in its fight with the descendants of the Pen family over who should represent the Colony. He remained in England to 1775, as a Colonial representative not only of Pennsylvania. In 1765, Franklin was caught by surprise by America’s overwhelming opposition to the Stamp Act. His testimony before Parliament helped persuade the members to repeal the law. He started wondering if America should break free of England. In this sentence we can see how Benjamin was frustrated about England because he was considered an English man.

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In social, Benjamin Franklin play an Important role because he had a printing office. This printing office help him to give his Ideas In a rapid way. HIS way of thinking Impacts everyone. The new way of governing and the need of unity between colonies were printed and had an impact between the Americans. For example:”The Ben Franklin effect” is a psychological finding: a person who has done someone a favor is more likely to do that person another favor than they would be if they had received a favor from that person (is the sense of unity that Franklin wants).

A list of Benjamin Franklins inventions reveals a man of many talents and interests. It was the scientist in Ben that brought out the inventor The most important was the lighting rod which protected buildings and ships from lightning damage. In summary, Benjamin Franklin was extremely Important In the history of the move from thirteen Individual colonies to one unified nation. HIS actions as elder statesman and diplomat helped ensure independence. His scientific and literary achievements helped him earn respect at home and abroad. While in England, he also received honorary degrees from SST. Andrews and Oxford.

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