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Born in Boston Benjamin Franklin was one of seventeen children born to the parents of Franklin and Beach Folder. His father wanted Benjamin to go to school to become a clergyman, but he only had enough to send him to school for one year. Clergymen needed years of school. Benjamin ended up being apprenticed to his brother James. James was a printer and helped him. When Benjamin was fifteen his brother started the New England . It was the first ever newspaper made and distributed in Boston.

Benjamin wanted to write for the newspaper as well, but he new that James wouldn’t let him because he is just his lowly apprentice. So, to get his writing In the newspaper he would write his stories at night and sign them with the , Silence Do good. Then he would slip them under the print shop’s door so It would seem like a stranger left it there to be put in the newspaper. After Benjamin wrote about sixteen letters he confessed to being Silence Do good. James did not like this. He was jealous of all the attention Benjamin was getting and he scolded him. In 1733 he started publishing Poor Richards Almanacs.

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Almanacs of the time were rented once every year, and contained things like weather reports, recipes, predictions and homilies. Franklin published his almanac under the name of Richard Sanders, a poor man who needed money to take care of his wife. Although printing business thrived he retired during 1749. Now he could put his focus on science and making inventions. Benjamin invented things such as the lightning rod, bifocals, the Franklin stove, and the odometer. 1706 1720 1727 he moves born 1715 out 1752 1790 has an affair resulting in a son conducts dies was kite experiment 1723 1735

Last year of takes over schooling Sesame’s printing 1771 James dies Ireland tours formal was writer, political leader, Inventor, and a scientist. Q. Do you believe you did enough In your life? A. Yes. I have made several inventions that helped save lives and Just ordinary things. Q. Do you think it was fair for James to scold you about your articles? A. Yes. I went behind his back, but I did spark a lot of interest in the newspaper. Q. Did you ever see A. Yes. I saw him at England. Q. What motivated you to invent? A. ‘ had a passion for it and I loved helping.

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