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A figurative scenario within a cave occurs. In this scenario, a group of people are living in a cave where they have been put in all types of restraints only allowing them to look forward at the wall opposite of the light. The light casts shadows onto the wall. At some point in time, a shadow appears and to some, a voice Is also heard. The shadow Is then rumored to be god. No one In the cave argues this Idea of god because they do not yet know any better, or they have not yet been enlightened. After a while, one person is taken from the cave and is shown “god”.

This person is the enlightened one. They now know that what they believed to be true is actually false. Once placed back into the cave, the enlightened one can no longer see. This person no longer shares ideas with those of the cave. When the enlightened one attempts to create a paradigm shift by revealing the truth, people get upset and argumentative. The cave scenario Is a phenomenal way to describe the Ideas of enlightenment. The scenario Illustrates that one cannot be enlightened if they refuse to step out of the formalities of their everyday life.

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To Plato, the concept of enlightenment is belief in a new truth and leaving old thoughts behind. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin includes many ideas of enlightenment from literal to figurative. Franklin was literally enlightened every time he took another step up in his career. Starting out as a printer and a writer, and becoming an Inventor and a politician. Another way he was literally enlightened was his experiment with electricity. Being an Inventor and a philosopher, Franklin made a hypothesis that would usually end in enlightenment.

Along with enlightening himself, Benjamin Franklin also managed to enlighten others with his writings. People used to look forward to his almanacs. It was simple enough for Franklin to enlighten because of his level of intelligence. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin may also be linked with a work by Emerson called “The American Scholar”. This work by Emerson Is a speech about the Importance of nature, books, and work or action. Emerson believes that society Is becoming corrupt and less pure due to media.

America is also becoming lazy to the point of no one putting effort into creating their own thoughts. This is called man thinking and Emerson highlights this concept a lot throughout his speech. Benjamin Franklins life can be related to “The American Scholar” for the obvious reason that Franklin was Indeed a great scholar. A scholar like Franklin is also a great he always had his own brilliant ideas. He was a hard worker, and a hard worker does not base their life off of the ideas of others. Being a transcendentalism, Franklin believed institutions in society were corrupting the purity of a person.

Ideas such as this are also mentioned in “The American Scholar” by Emerson. Emerson ideas were that nature, books, and work were the most important parts of life. Emerson and Franklin only had one difference when it came to work. Emerson was a firm believer that the purpose of working was to gain wisdom, while Franklin believed working only led to wealth. While Emerson, Franklin, and Plato were all different in their ideas, their works can e read and related together in a way that a work can be seen in a new light. The American Scholar” can enable a reader to understand how Benjamin Franklin was a hard worker and man that thought for himself. “The Allegory of the Cave can also aid a reader in showing what enlightenment is and how Franklin was enlightened through his life while he enlightened others all around the world. Emerson and Plato were very helpful in creating the “lens” that is used to comprehend and see what The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is really about.

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