American Revolutionary War Assignment

American Revolutionary War Assignment Words: 387

This Revolution triggered other revolutions upon different countries, as well as inspired political enlightenment in government systems. The American Revolution had a tremendous effect on Europe! Three main influences were the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the forming of the U. S. Constitution, and carrying out the ideas of enlightenment. By declaring independence, the United States demonstrated that it was possible to overthrow the political and social system.

This was the first time a colony had rebelled and successfully asserted its rights to self-government. This inspired many European nations and colonies to revolt for one. The Delegates or framers of the U. S. Constitution declined Classical Republicanism and settled between a variation of older “democracy” and a newly proposed system. Afterwards, the middle class in Europe reconsidered their government and monarchic systems. These three factors all resulted in another major revolt; The French Revolution.

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Like the “Sons of Liberty’ European revolutionaries formed their own slogan, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’. Europeans obtained information about the American Revolution from soldiers returning from America. French soldiers returned to France with ideas of individual liberty, popular overeating and the notion of republicanism. The French then revolted against their monarchy, which they saw as oppressive. Also the American Revolution struck a revolution in Haiti in 1799, which was another significant revolution.

The Haitian Revolution created the second independent American country after the United States became independent in 1783. This Revolution basically initiated the decline of slave trade; therefore it is a large milestone in the history of Americans as well as Africans. African Slaves in Saint Dominique revolted because the American Revolution shows( them that they had the power to do so. In conclusion, the American Revolution helped arise in several great battles.

They did so by writing and signing the Declaration of Independence for one. Forming the U. S. Constitution was another attribute. Also, carrying out ideas of enlightenment of science and literature helped push forward power of HTH people. People realized they could make a difference the same as the Americans in revolutions such as The French Revolution as well as the Haiti Revolution to be the biggest two. Though, the American revolution basically started all of the revolutions considering it was the first for American victory.

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