The Revolutionary War against British for American Freedom Assignment

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War President John F. Kennedy once that said “Life Is Unfair”? Well for the Colonist this was very much accurate. A revolution Is a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. Throughout history there has been many revolution with people and the government. They are govern through a powerful system and eventually want change and Justice. TLS Is what happened between Great Britain and Colonial America. Englanders the fact that fact that Great Brutal as the most powerful nation at that time and didn’t want to release their grasp on the Americans unless they fought for freedom made the American Revolution Inevitable. The Americans were ready for freedom,change and Independence with Great Britain through war. Then came the Revolutionary War which changed history forever. After winning the Seven Year War the Britain’s were left to pay an enormous debt. The Britain’s felt that the Indians still posed a threat to the government. As a way to pay all that debt King George Ill along with the British Parliament, planned ways to pay offbeat debt.

They set up laws that would anger the colonist such as the Proclamation of 1 763. This forbade the colonist from moving westward of the Appalachian Mountains-The colonist were upset after this Proclamation was passed, because they had planned on moving to the west to invest on the land. To enforce the Proclamation King George Ill kept 10,000 soldiers in the colonies. Then the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act of 1765 which taxed printed products. Any kinds of printed products like newspapers,pamphlets,almanacs,playing cards,legal documents and licenses.

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The Colonist were beyond angry they were furious so they decided to Scott products in protest. The Representatives then wrote a letter to England asking for the Stamp Act to be cancelled. The British didn’t care and then placed the Townsend Act as a way to press for more taxes. The Townsend Act added taxes on tea, glass and paint. The Colonist were doing everything possible to rebel against the British Parliament. Nothing could ease the frustration and anger that the Britons were making them feel. Sort 2 The Brilliant felt as if it was the Americans responsibility to pay their debt, because they were providing protection.

According to George Greenville protection from Great Britain to the Americans has being given In the most full and ample manner. Glenn In to frustration the Colonies formed an organization called Sons Of Liberty which protected the rights of the Colonist. On March 5,1770 the Boston Massacre occurred,an event that killed several people. The colonist were taunting and cursing the British soldiers,TLS angered the soldiers which then fired Into the crowd. As If It wasn’t enough the British Apartment kept Imposing taxes from the colonist. The Tea Act was passed and allowed the British East India Company to sea trade.

The company delivered tax to America extending taxes from British. They still had to pay taxes to Liberty find out about the tea act they are agreed for revenge. The Sons Of Liberty dress up and Mohawk Indians and dump 90,000 pounds of tea in the harbor known today as the Boston Tea Party. Through this all the Colonist still believed they had hope of reconciliation and no war. As much hope that the colonist had for reconciliation it was certainly not going to happen,what came next to haunt the Colonist revealed the truth. King George sent hired soldiers from Germany called Hessian which cruelly beat and mistreated the colonist.

The colonist need to stand up he the Hessians protect their rights from the British. They knew the only way to do this was to fight. When Common Sense came out the colonist’s eyes were finally opened. Common Sense stated that all monarchies were bad and that the Americans should be Sore 3 free and independent for England. The Colonist were inspired and launched the Declaration Of Independence,which stated they wanted to be a free and independent nation. The Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 men and approved by the Second Continental Congress. This showed determination and the desire to be a free nation.

The Americans were tired of the control Britain’s had over them. They weren’t respected as a nation and were being robbed. They were worn out from their frustration of keeping the British in line. They decided that enough was enough and fought in war for freedom. The Revolutionary War was the war that gained our rights to keep this country as it is today. Dry. Martin Luther King Jar once said “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor;it must be demanded by the oppressed”. The Americans fought for what they demanded. All we can do is stand in awe of our country and our rights as citizens.

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