American Revolutionary War and Military Reasons Assignment

American Revolutionary War and Military Reasons Assignment Words: 366

Apush 7th Skeletal Outline FQR Prompt: Analyze the political, diplomatic and military reasons for the U. S victory in the Revolutionary War. Confine your answer to the period 1775 – 1783. The colonies that once didn’t mind being the colonies now have a different view. The victory of the Revolutionary War was possible due to the political, diplomatic and military reasons, such as The Second Continental Congress, The Treaty of Paris of 1783, and the Patriots Advantage. The Second Continental Congress is the political reason because it was the start of the war. The Treaty of Paris of 1783 served its diplomatic reasons of declaring the victory.

The Patriots advantage secured their victory for the war. The Second Continental Congress events led to the war. ??? Olive Branch Petition – Document in which delegates pledged loyalty to King George and asked him to intercede with Parliament and to secure peace and the protection of the colonial rights. ??? Washington, Commander of Army – Led Colonists to victory with alliance of France. ??? Declaration of Independence ??? Resolution by Richard Henry Lee for Independence, Document stating verifying it. The Treaty of Paris declared America’s Victory of the Revolution. Recognition of United States of America as an independent and their existence. ??? Mississippi is the Western boundary of the nation. ??? Americans were allowed fishing rights off the coast of Canada. ??? Americans would pay debts to British merchants and honor Loyalists claims for property that were confiscated during the war. The Patriots had many advantages that allowed their victory of the war. ??? American geographical expanse ??? British unfamiliar to area and hard to maneuver around. ??? Fighting on home ground, away from Britain ??? More familiar with area, British farther away form Britain ??? Longer to get supplies. Experience from earlier colonial wars ??? Colonial wars enabled them to gain experience. ??? Minutemen ??? The Militia was more adapt than the British Army ??? Militia was more used to fighting. The political, diplomatic, and military reasons are what secured the victory of the American Revolution. The patriots had an advantage such as, the geography. The Second Continental Congress and its events led to the start of the war. The Treaty of Paris of 1783 finalized the war by declaring the United States an independent nation.

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