Benjamin Franklin Physics Assignment

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However, he is probably best known for his work in science, especially in electricity and the physics of electricity. For the areas of science In which he worked, he Is known for his studies In the theory of electricity and his useful inventions. These include the Franklin stove, bifocal eyeglasses, the lightning rod, and daylight savings time. One of Franklins greatest claims to fame was his work in electricity. He carried out experiments with the Elided jar, sent a current through water to ignite alcohol, made the first battery, ignited gunpowder, ND much, much more (Bell’s).

He even charged wine glasses so the drinkers would receive shocks! More importantly though, he began to develop the theory of the relationship between lightning and electricity; he brought up the idea of protecting buildings by using Iron rods. In the summer of 1752, he performed the famous kite experiment, where he drew down electricity from the sky by charging a Elided Jar from the key at the end of the string. Franklin stated that “electricity is a single electrical ‘fluid'” (electrons) “that may be transferred between bodies”.

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He said the total quantity of the “fluid” is always conserved. This is a concept known today as one of the fundamental natural ??the conservation of electrical charge (Timeline 1750-1774). Inspired by Fay (Charles-Fran??ois De Fan best known for the discovery of positive and negative electricity, Franklin found out the amount of “fluid” (today known as electrons), was responsible for the repelling and attracting of different objects In different situations (Karma 340). Ben]amen Franklin used terminology still used today.

An excess of electrical fluid was considered “positive” while a deficiency of fluid was considered “negative”. Benjamin Franklin studied the relationship between magnetism and electricity and tried to magnetite an object by using electricity. Today, we know that electricity Is generated by either moving a wire in a magnetic field or moving a magnet in a coil of wire (“Generating Electricity’). Benjamin Franklin was also known for his many inventions and creations, which were involved in his experiments with electricity and magnetism (“Inventions”).

What fascinated me about Ben’s inventions was that most of them were created because he had a problem and wanted to fix It. Franklins Inventions remind me of all the cool new technology we see every day on TV or “Channel One News”. It continues to amaze me how interesting Benjamin Franklin was by studying his inventions alone. Benjamin had weak vision and was always taking off/ putting on his glasses for reading so he created bifocal glasses to be able to see near and fall Franklin suggested using Chinese ship models, where the ship would be divided into watertight compartments.

This way, if the ship had a leak, it wouldn’t sink the whole invented the Franklin stove so people could warm their homes safer and without using as much wood (Dray 31). Benjamin Franklin may in fact be one of the most well- known Americans of the . He was surely my favorite! He had a major role in the founding of making the United States and independent country. In science, he is remembered for his many studies in the theory of electricity and his many useful inventions. He was a writer, scientist (many areas of science, especially physics), politician, and many more things.

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