Higher Education and Practicum Assignment

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Education has been regarded as a means toward economic stability and progress. The increase productivity of the workforce is due mainly to the increase in the education and training of the people. The success and development of the country would greatly depend in the productivity of its human resources – which is considered as one of the vital asset of the nation.

And to have a good and competent manpower resource; quality education and intensive training are necessary for the students to become skilled and productive workers when they become part of the labor force. As per requirement by the SHED, graduating students of different courses need to undergo on-the-Job training with required number of hours. Perhaps this would be a stepping stone for the practicum’s to develop themselves to become professionals in their own field of specialization and acquire new learning through gained experiences during trainings.

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It is an essential component of the learning process, eared towards preparing students’ for their future career. From the Higher Education point of view, an internship may be defined as a short- term educational experience with a company or organization that provides students with work experience in an area where they are interested in enhancing a career decision. Internships which can also spell valuable work experiences and further increase students’ confidence. Thus, the Commission on Higher Education (SHED) prepared guidelines for Student Internship Abroad Program (ASAP) for all programs with practicum subject under

On the other hand, the SHIP program aims to provide tertiary students enrolled in Higher Education Institutions (HE’s) in the Philippines the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge, skills, and desirable attitudes and values in reputable establishments/industries in our country; enhance the students’ work competencies and discipline as they relate to people in the workplace; promote competitiveness of students through their training; strengthen and enrich the degree programs in HE’s; provide opportunities to learn from and network with experienced professionals; Andre new challenges and complex tasks or problems; and identify future career directions and become candidates of future Job opening.

SHED prepared implementing guidelines that covers the requirements for parties involved such as higher education institution (HE’), host training establishments (THE) and student trainee/intern; obligations and responsibilities of parties involved; monitoring and evaluation; duration of the internship training; fee; offenses; sanctions; and investigation of complaints. Confucius once said “If all I do is hearing, I will forget. If I hear and see, I will remember. If I hear, see and do, I will understand”. Part of the college curriculum is to train and orient students about the work and their future career. It is very important not only to teach the students about their chosen career but to show them the reality about working. In JOT, students are able to have hands-on industry experiences and should be able to have a network of colleagues that can easily help them in Job hunting after graduation. An experience in JOT is important in applying for a Job.

Oftentimes, employers will ask the applicant the relevance of their training to their course and to the position they are applying for. Some companies are giving food allowances, transportation allowances, shuttle service and gift certificate. While learning, the students should be able to earn money. Moreover, La Consolation College Tanana (ELECT) which is duly accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (SHED) offers courses in line with Education, Business, Accountancy, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism and Information Technology all offering the practicum subject. Practicum coordinators encounter minimal problems in handling JOT in terms of the behavior of students during their adjustment period in the new environment.

However, they encounter difficulty in scheduling the ocular visits in the host establishment due to different practicum sites. Also, as one of the practicum coordinators, the researcher experienced difficulty in handling JOT due to lack of standard guidelines, policies, rules and regulations of the College. It is within these concepts and reasons that the researcher would like to propose an JOT Manual for La Consolation College Tanana. Findings 1. 3 required number of hours; The following significant findings were revealed in this study: The Experiential Learning Courses (LLC) Education dents consists of Field Study course and Practice Teaching with 300 hours while the IBIS curriculum has internship/JOT/Practicum with 540 hours.

On the other hand, practicum/work integrated learning has a requirement of a total of 500 hours both for BBS TM and BBS HARM – 250 hours for the first practicum during second year and another 250 hours for the practicum during fourth year. Internship for BAS program is equivalent to 300 hours while BASS practicum or work integrated learning is equivalent to 600 hours. Description of the JOT Program of La Consolation College Tanana in terms of: 1. Qualifications students; For BASS, the student who will undergo practicum should be one with fourth year standing while for BAS, the student must have a third year standing. The BSRAM and BSTJ programs have two practical. For the first practicum, the students must have taken all the major subjects from first year up to second semester of second year.

The second practicum is on the second semester of fourth year where the students must have a fourth year standing. 1. 4 JOT requirements; and The students must pass the qualification for practicum so that they can enroll the subject. They are squired to attend the pre-orientation seminar to be conducted by the Practicum Coordinator where JOT requirements are discussed. For SEED, BASED and IBIS, the students must have fourth year standing. 1. 2 industry linkages; Documents to be submitted by the students on the pre-practicum stage include 1 . ) application letter, 2. ) certification of grades, 3. ) photocopy of enrolment form, 4. ) resume with picture, 5. ) medical certificate issued by ELECT clinic, and 6. ) for irregular students, class schedule.

Two sets of these documents are placed inside a long size brown envelope to be submitted to the Practicum Coordinator. Once cleared, the Practicum Coordinator will issue Nichols Interview Notice. After the La Consolation College Tanana has Memorandum of Agreement with different companies like Toyota Motor Philippines, Issue Philippines, Toshiba at Sat. Rosa Laguna, H2O Hotel at Squiring Grandstand, Bangkok Central Eng Philippians at Emulate Manila, Takeaway Highlands, Club Bali Isabel, South Central Elementary School and Tanana City High School 65 interview, the students are required to attend seminar session and secure certificate of attendance.

Then they will be given a logbook for their daily activities. Included in the logbook are the computation of grades, guidelines in preparing a practicum report, some tips in basic good grooming, and copy of evaluation form and interview guide. 1. 5 evaluation monitoring Tourism has 10; BAS has 4 respondents; BED has 2 and there is no BASED and IBIS respondent. 2. 2 type industry where practicum is deployed; Thirty-one (31) or 71% of the respondents were with the service industry. Eleven or 25% were in manufacturing while 2 or 4% were in the education industry. And 2. 3 department/areas of the assignment; and respondents were assigned at Housekeeping, General

Administration Department, Kitchen, Booking/Reservation, Project Control Department, Food and Beverage, High School, Financial Accounting Department, Admit/Finance Crewing, Provident Fund, Cost Accounting, Human Resource, Comptrollers, Marketing Recruitment Departments. Every two weeks, practicum’s are required to report to their Practicum Coordinator to update on the tasks assigned to them and problems encountered during JOT. Moreover, the coordinator will check the students’ logbooks to monitor their activities with the host establishments. Once a month, the coordinator will conduct ocular visits tit the host establishments to check the working condition of the practicum and to give certificate of partnership and token of appreciation to the company.

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