Criminology: Crime and Internship Meeting Assignment

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During this period, the criminology interns are allowed to observe and assist, but not to perform actual operations that may compromise their safety. Interns are expected to keep the information learned during the practicum confidential. Internship Internship Meeting Powering Fall 2012 Internship Application Internship Syllabus What Exactly is an Internship? An internship is an academic course offered to qualified students who want an experiential learning opportunity.

The Criminology Department internship allows dents to engage in either full-time (12 credits, 480 hours) or part-time (6 credits, 240 hours) study in an approved work environment. Students get to apply their knowledge of criminology/criminal Justice to the actual daily activities of a professional criminal Justice agency. Students are graded based upon their daily performance, the cooperating agency’s evaluation, and successful completion of required academic assignments. A total of either 12 credits or 6 credits will be earned upon successful completion of the internship.

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Who Can Do an Internship? Students who qualify for this opportunity must have a minimum of 60 college credits, with 12 of those credits from Criminology. Also, qualified students must have a minimum G. P. A. Of 2. 5. How Do I Go About Getting an Internship? To begin, meet the minimum requirements: 1. 60 college credits completed 2. 12 Criminology credits preferred 3. 2. 5 G. P. A. 4. Fill out the application and drop off at the Criminology Administration Office on the second floor Criminology: Crime and Internship Meeting By kitties

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