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I Skills needed are required to let your employer know that you have the experience and do not deed any extra training I Criminality I (DNA) I Conduct crime scene investigations, summarizing analysis findings I Writing skills, communication skills, investigation skills. Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice I Communication is the key I List online sites used for this assignment below Career. Gob Summary: In 300-500 words, write a summary of your job exploration and respond to the following: * Discuss why you are interested in the selected jobs. Explain how the job skills required for each job you selected are related to your professional goals. * Describe the strategy you would use to achieve the kills needed for the jobs you selected. My educational goal is to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a major in Forensic Psychology. After doing some searching and a lot of reading, it came down to Criminality (DNA) and Criminal Investigator. A criminality works at a crime laboratory with physical evidence collected from the crime scenes. They interpret and analyze evidence to assess which pieces are relevant to the case and develop written reports of the findings.

They focus on the examination of evidence from crime scenes, by utilizing a umber of instruments, including microscopes, cameras, and spectroscopes. Criminality analyze and report on many types of physical evidence while using advance technologies to determine the relevance of the crime scene. People who are detail-oriented and dedicated may be an excellent fit for this career path. It is hard to define a specific criminal investigator job description because investigators have a range of duties to tend to from day to day. As a whole, criminal investigators are supposed to collect and analyze evidence for crimes.

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One of the biggest tasks that a criminal investigator has to manage is collecting evidence. They are responsible for looking over a crime scene to find evidence to use in a case. Once all of the evidence for a crime is collected, investigators will analyze it and try to identify possible suspects for the act. A forensic psychologist can look over the evidence to get an idea of the type of person they are looking for. To do well in this career, you need to have a keen eye for those small details, and you also need to have a general knowledge of how a criminal’s mind works.

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