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Britain had colonies in most parts of the world, and the education system in these colonies was a vernacular school system which used English as a medium of instruction in higher education. Although education was imparted in both local languages and English, English educated students had better career opportunities and also better opportunities in universities. Since English is the official language of most countries in the world, it was and still is promoted as the preferred medium of instruction in most countries that were ruled by the British. At Best Essay Forum, we provide the best essays, reports and dissertations for our clients, which are 100% Plagiarism free as our professional writers write them. Essays, reports and dissertations are written by qualified degree holders of bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. They produce your academic assignments with much attention by fulfilling the requirements.

Another major reason for wide usage of English as a medium of instruction in higher education was that all books on science, technology, business and other important subjects were published in the English language, and for any country to really progress, it was important to have an in-depth knowledge of English. This hypothesis is based on case studies and relevant literature reviews which show that education in English is very strongly subjective by the highly centralized and bureaucratic system that is implemented from the top, travelling all the way down to the bottom and the adaptation of globalization

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Several countries like Hong Kong tried to make all schools adopt Chinese as the medium of instruction for all subject except English language and literature unless they had the teaching staff were capable of teaching in English. Many other countries tried to make schools adopt their local language as the medium of instruction, but the parents of these students protested that instruction instead of using English as a medium of instruction in higher education which was akin to their children receiving a second class education. The parents believe that without proficiency in English, their children would not have the careers that the parents and children wanted for themselves

Most technical and other textbooks are printed in English, and the ability to international transactions usually depends upon being proficient in English. That is why English as a medium of instruction in higher education is important. Without the required proficiency, the person usually needs to hire someone to communicate or correspond on his behalf. This is a form of dependency which people try to avoid, and, therefore, work to acquire adequate knowledge of the English language for effective communication. The rationale for making schools adopt the mother tongue as the medium of instruction was drawn from the contention that students learn more and are comfortable with instructions received in a language that they are familiar with

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