Malcolm X Short summary Assignment

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Malcolm X he educated himself. Malcolm hated not being able to express himself in letters correspondence. Malcolm was serving a sentence in the Charleston prison in Boston. There, Malcolm picked up several books and started to read, but he had difficulty reading because some words were hard to pronounce. Malcolm read out the dictionaries, he did not realize there were so many words.

Malcolm was so proud of learning new words; he reviewed the words to understand the meaning of the word. After copying the dictionary he had gained knowledge of reading books and learned new vocabulary, Malcolm was so proud he kept thinking about the new words. Malcolm wanted to impress Elijah Muhammad because he was head of the nation of Islam; Muhammad signed the Emancipation Proclamation and was born Cot. 7, 1897 in Janesville, Georgia. Malcolm later went to another prison called Norfolk prison Colony’s which is located in Boston; he discovered the library was in the school building.

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During nights the prison would turn off the lights, while Malcolm was still reading is book, he suggested continuing reading because there was a small glare of light in the floor and began reading there. Malcolm read books about the slave because Mr.. Muhammad teachings. Malcolm wrote to Mr.. Muhammad daily about having no idea off new world and documents on his teaching in books. When Malcolm discovered philosophy he began reading the Oriental Philosophers. Malcolm learned so many during prison time and he believed college has many distractions, meaning he learned better in prison.

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