Malcolm X Learning To ReadZ Assignment

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Malcolm X claims that prison afforded him a great education free of distraction NSA found in college, awakened him to his passion about reading and it freed him to area like that black people had an honored history that had been effaced by the white peep el. While in prison, Malcolm was very cautious about the time that he anticipated certain activities, he managed to barge in all his time on learning and educate Eng himself. Malcolm developed high standards of reading and writing by starting off with reading and copying all of the dictionary.

He Checked out a copious amount of books f room the library and tended to read in total isolation of his own room. It shows how fast canted Malcolm x was in the books he read that he used to even fake sleep for the GU awards every night so he could keep reading till three or four in the morning. Due to t he amount of reading books and writing letters to Mr.. Muhammad, Malcolm x developed high 2 Mohammed eating and writing standards, penmanship, and became an articulate writer and speaker.

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The main motivation that Malcolm X had was that he was inspired by Mr.. Muhammad, and wanted to sound articulate in the letters that he sends him, but he could not do this due to his weak vocabulary. Another motivation that Malcolm m had was his prison inmate, Bimbo. Malcolm envied Bimbo for his knowledge and thereof ore decided to learn and be educated just like him. Malcolm X claimed that prison afforded him a great education, and that he is such more educated than any college student.

It also freed him to realize that t black people had an honored history that had been effaced by the white people that mistreated black people for centuries. Malcolm contends that his education is way better than college students by asserting that, “No university would ask any student to devour literature as [he] did when this new world opened to [him], of being able to re ad and understand”(par 14). This shows that in universities there are many distraction NSA and dents might not learn as much and not really care about literature as much h as he does.

This shows how in prison they are using literature for rehabilitation an d that people have the time and the tools necessary to be much more educated that n college students. From Malcolm Ax’s books, he learned that black people had an honor deed history and that white people had mistreated them for centuries, and therefore he SST dated that, “Book after book showed [him] how the white man had brought upon the word Id’s black,

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