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While Wagner did not directly cause Hitter’s anti-Semitism (His hatred for the Jews), it is certain that his social circles, that of List, his wife Cosmic, his son-in-law Chamberlain and his acquaintance Gobbling, were important and influential embers in the new, “scientific” anti-Semitism of the 19th century, which directly influenced Hitler and the Nazis. Wagner expressed his anti-Semitism in his infamous essay, “The Jews in Music”.

Wager’s music and anti-Semitic writings found a disciple in Doll Hitler, who would plunge Europe into the darkest period of its history by launching World War II and presiding over the genocide of millions of Jews. In one of his opera’s, Wagner called for German princes to support a national art, particularly theater, filled with the “German spirit” and in union with the Folk. In a sense, Hitler as the “prince” that Wagner hoped for: the Nazi leader implemented anti-Semitic policies in line with the composer’s ideas. One of Hitter’s famous quotes about Wagner was, ‘for me Wagner is a god, his music is my religion.

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I go to his operas as others go to church’. This quote basically sums up the importance of Wagner in his life. Question: What were the principle influences that conditioned the young Hitter’s character, personality, and Hallucinating? This question raises the issue of the dispute between the more psychologically oriented historians, who see Hitler being heaped by an abusive father and an overindulgent mother who died of breast cancer, and those who are wary of relying on such factors and concentrate on the historical developments in pre-World War 1 Austria and Germany and the war itself as the major influences on him.

Answer: As a child Hitler had a carefree attitude however as he grew up he started turning into an angry and resentful man. The main reasons for his change in character and personality was because of the dominating attitude of his father, his protective mother, rejection from a fine arts institute, the loss of Germany in World War I and his success at making speeches. Allis, Hitter’s father, was the first figure that had an impact on the way Hitler was.

He was a civil servant who was dominating and short-tempered. Even though Hitler did not like his father, he observed the fact that no matter how he treated people, they respected him. He was the dictator of the household; he controlled everything around him. On the other hand Hitter’s mother, Clara, was very soft-spoken and always covered up for Hitler since he was her only child. She gave him all the attention due to which Hitler always got his way. His mother’s adoration led to the start of his ego.

Due to his ego he never thought that he would face rejection however when he applied to the Academy of fine arts in Vienna, and got rejected twice, he had no hopes left for himself. His failure made him angry with himself and also angry at the world around him. Another failure on which Hitler didn’t really have control over was Germany’s failure in World War l. After the Austrian rejected him, he became a part of the German army. He was very passionate and took pride in his work in the military; it was the first time since his allure in Vienna that he had something to live for and a goal to strive for.

The loss of Germany in the war was a major turning point in Hitter’s life because it did not Just let Hitler become a dictator; it let him become the angry, relentless, hateful dictator that he is so famous for. His failure with the Art Academy and Germany’s failure in World War I shaped Hitter’s personality because they made him an angry and resentful person. These were two very painful failures and crushed every dream and meaning in his life. Hitler later discovered a talent that he had of giving great speeches.

When he spoke, what he said mesmerism’s the audience. He only had one aim in his mind, which was the Welfare of the country. At the time of the depression, he gave them hope and pride. As a speaker, his personality grew as he gained confidence and a purpose in life; he was seen as a leader whom people would follow. All these life changing experiences and the talents that he discovered happened to have formed the character and personality of Hitler as a famous brutal dictator.

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