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Grammar and Writing Writing Personal Narratives: Tell true stories about event in writers life. Also called autobiography. Realistic Fiction: Portrays invented characters and event in everyday situation that most readers would find familiar. Mystery Stories: Present unexplained or strange events that characters try to solve. Free verse: Poetry that has no regular rhyme, rhythm, or form. Sonnet: Form of rhyming lyric poetry with set rules. Persuasive speeches: Presented aloud and aim to win an audience’s support for police, position, or action.

Advertisements: Paid announcements that try to convince people to buy something or do something. Project plan: Short document usually written form one member of an organization to another. Resumes: Overview of persons experience and qualifications for a Job. Music Review: A listener provides his or her opinion about a piece of Music, citing likes and dislikes. Caver letter: Business letters, they can be written for various reasons . Proposals: Used in business to get approval for project.

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Characteristics of Narrative Nonfiction: Sensory details Mood Tone *Attack the prompt , and Brainstorm possible answers* P. 88 P. 116 P. 142 Characteristics of short story: conflict theme characters ensory details Characteristics of Poem: topic or theme word choice Components of a Sonnet: main idea lines 4,4,4, and 2 (ababcdcdefefgg) 14 lines Characteristics of Persuasive Speech: lead clear thesis sources organizing structure Element of music review: identify a song with lyrics.

Decide the best audience Listen to the song several times Research the artist Characteristics of workplace writing: Purpose and audience Well organized Formal and polite Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling Element of Resume: Objective Education Experience Achievements Background Project plan Resources Summary Grammar Misplaced and dangling Modifiers : Misplaced : seems to modify the wrong word in the sentence. Ex over a rock riding on the bike trail. – the women riding on the bike trail ran over a rock. – the women ran Dangling: seems to modify no word because the word it should modify has been omitted from the sentence. Ex: – Estimating carefully, the school loan was paid off accurately. – Estimating carefully, the student accurately paid off the school loan. Faulty Parallelism: Ex:- Marking, sewing and alteration are three steps in the tailoring process. -Marking, sewing , and altering Verb Tenses: Present progressive . Ex: Sandy is acting in a play. Past progressive . Ex: She was acting in elementary schools.

Future progressive . Ex: she will be acting in the spring Present perfect progressive . Ex: she has been acting in many plays. Past perfect progressive . Ex: she had been acting only in small parts. Future perfect progressive. Ex : Next season, she will have been acting for a decade. Present Emphatic . Ex: the president does speak about issues that I think are important. Past Emphatic. Ex: My dad did geta promotion. Degrees of Comparison: Positive . Ex: funny Comparative . Ex : funnier Superlative. Ex: funniest

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