Marine Biology Module Assignment

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Upper – carapace o Lower – plastron Can a sea turtle’s shell heal if injured? Yes Do sea turtles need to drink freshwater? No, they absorb the salt through special glands Do we typically find sea turtles in cold water areas? No, however the leatherback has been found around Maine and Canadian borders 7. Large headed sea turtles are called what type of sea turtle (think about the type we rescued in lesson 3. 04) o Loggerhead sea turtle 8. ; What do we look for to help determine the SEX of a sea turtle? O The main thing I would check for in checking the turtle’s gender is its tail. If it has a longer, thicker tail that extends beyond the hind flippers, it’s most likely a male; if not, it’s more than likely a female.

Another way to double check whether or not it’s male is by seeing if the claws on the profilers are elongated and curved, which helps in grasping the female during mating. 9. ; Know about the different food sources of the different species of sea turtles – to do this, match the following 10. (Match the turtle with its food type) Turtle 11. 0 12. O 13. O 14. O 15. ; Fallback – sea cucumber Leatherback – Jellyfish Hawkins’s – coral Green – seaweed Should you photograph, attempt to touch, pull a nesting mama turtle back to water, or put bright lights/flashes of light on sea turtles (especially hatchings)? No 16. ; Will moonlight make a nesting female abandon her nest? O Yes 17. ; What general things do humans do to harm sea turtles?

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Mangroves serve as nursery areas for fishes, crustaceans, and shellfish. They also provide food for a multitude of marine species. REcreational and commercial fisheries will drastically decline without healthy mangrove forests. 25. When we replant grasses and mangrove trees, which type of positive human impact effort would we consider this to be: conservation, preservation, or restoration? Restoration 26. ; Be able to explain the purpose and role of the Endangered Species Act (SEA) in the preservation of threatened and endangered organisms. Be sure to read the SEA facts sheet on the SEA link also) * The Endangered Species Act was established in 1973 (although work began in 1966 and it took on different formats through 1976). It is one of the most significant environmental laws in America and defines endangered or threatened species. Plants and animals that are under protection are facing extinction. Federal agencies start programs to conserve important habitats, create an umbrella of laws against hunting for endangered species, and match contributions from individual states towards the project.

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (PWS) and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NEFF) enforce the Endangered Species Act. Sandy Beach (Lesson 3. 07) Know the 3 main zones of the sandy beach o Surf zone, intestinal zone, backhoes zone The middle zone is sometimes separated into what two smaller zones?

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