What does persuasive writing mean to me Assignment

What does persuasive writing mean to me Assignment Words: 300

What does persuasive writing mean to me? It means that I cam going to try and convince my readers that my opinion is all that matters. I am going to do everything can to persuade the reader that what am writing is gospel. No other opinion matters but mine. I believe that a good persuasive paper should present the facts first. The writer must do his/her research before they can even present their opinion on the subject. Being knowledgeable of the topic that you are going to discuss is going to have your readers very interested because they can always, after reading your writing, always research the topic on their own.

When wring a persuasive piece, would determine who my audience is going to be. This way you would know how to formulate your paper and all Of your persuasion could appeal to your specific audience. Determine if your audience is male, female, working people or people who are not working. These are just some examples could use, depending on what my topic is. If your topic is about public schools and their money crisis, you could decide if your target audience is going to be teachers, aren’t or even students. Hind that persuasive writing is going to be my favorite because I always have an opinion about something. This particular writing requires you to really think about where you stand on any particular subject whether you think your opinion is big or small. Think that in trying to convince a certain type of group to go along with your opinion you should also give examples as to why your opinion should be the only one. The writer should also motivate and make the readers feel great about choosing his or her opinion.

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