Marketing and Environmental Factors Assignment

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This suggests macro-marketing includes an optimistic perspective; that it seeks functional mechanisms to enhance marketing processes, to the infinite of the largest number of stakeholders, the world over. ” Various Environmental factors Affecting Marketing process. Various factors affecting marketing process. The environmental factors that are affecting marketing process can be classified into : 1) Internal environment and 2) External environment Internal Environment of Marketing : This refers to factors existing within a marketing firm.

They are also called as controllable factors, because the company has control over these factors : a) it can alter or modify factors as its personnel, physical facilities, organization ND function means, such as marketing mix, to suit the environment. There are many internal factors that influence the marketing process, they are : Top Management : The organizational structure, Board of Director, professionalisms of management.. Etc..

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Factors like the amount of support the top management enjoys from different levels of employees, shareholders and Board of Directors have important influence on the marketing decisions and their implementation. Finance and Accounting: Accounting refers to measure of revenue and costs to help the marketing and to know how well it s achieving its objectives. Finance refers to funding and using funds to carry out the marketing plan. Financial factors are financial polices, financial position and capital structure.

Research and Development Research and Development refers to designing the product safe and attractive. They are technological capabilities, determine a company ability to innovate and compete. Manufacturing : It is responsible for producing the desired quality and quantity of products. Factors which influence the competitiveness of a firm are production capacity technology immunodeficiency of the productive apparatus, distribution logistics etc. , Purchasing : Purchasing refers to procurement of goods and services from some external agencies.

It is the strategic activity of the business. Company Image and Brand Equity : The image of the company refers in raising finance, forming joint ventures or other alliancessoliciting marketing intermediaries, entering purchase or sales contract, launching new products etc. In organization, the marketing resources like organization for marketing, quality of marketing, brand equity and attribution network have direct bearing on marketing efficiency. They are important for new product introduction and brand extension, etc.. External Environment of Marketing.

External factors are beyond the control of a firm, its success depends to a large extent on its adaptability to the environment. The external marketing environment consists of : a) Macro environment, and b) Micro environment a) Micro environment: The environmental factors that are in its proximity. The factors influence the company’s non-capacity to produce and serve the market. The factors are : 1) Suppliers: The suppliers to a firm can also alter its nominative position and marketing capabilities. These are raw material suppliers, energy suppliers, suppliers of labor and capital.

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