White Pollution Assignment

White Pollution Assignment Words: 278

Dictionary, the pollution means “spiritual or moral corruption (4th cent),” but the meaning of “white pollution” is very different. For people who does not know Chemistry very well and people who is not recycling, they will not have a idea what is white pollution. In addition, they will not know how harmful the white pollution is to the Earth. Actually, the white pollution means that the plastic things, like plastic bottle, plastic bags, plastic silverware and so on, kills animals or influences earth’s quantity.

They reason why the plastic is influencing earth’s quantity is that the plastic artificialities will not be deprecated by the earth, so it will stay under the ground for hundreds of years. At the same time, we are still manufacturing more and more plastic things. As we bury more and more plastic, the earth’s contain more and more undependable things. Which means there will be a lot of plastic things under the ground, and finally, we cannot use the earth to grow anything. The second pollution is that the plastic things is killing animals.

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There are thousands of plastic bags floating to the ocean every year, so animals in the ocean think the plastic bags are the food and swallow them. Finally, animals, like whale, turtle and so on, burst its deep gullet and dead because they cannot digest the plastic bags. There are a lot of news said when the scientist and veterinarian anatomists the dead whale and turtle, they found hundred of plastic bags in their bodies. So when we are using the white pollution, it generally means something bad for our environment.

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