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Yumpanada Marketing Plan Table of Contents Page I. Product Description II. Target Market Ill. Demand and Supply Analysis 1. Survey Result 2. Observation Result 3. Focus Group Interview ‘V. Sales Projection V. Marketing Mix 1. Product 2. Price 3. Place 4. Promotion VI. Marketing/Selling Expenses A. Product Description 3 3-12 9_10 11-12 12 12-13 13 13-14 Emapanadahan has made a very delicious concept of empanada. Empanadahan got information their target market so that the product will click in the market. The product is YUMPANADA. They also think of how to make it special to satisfy the consumers. Yumpanada is yours to try! B.

Target Market Empanadahan has decided to sell Yumpanadas to the students of Xavier University. Empanadahan decided it so sell to Xavier University because they can surely afford Yumpanadas. Most of all the snacks of Xavier University are usual to them. Empanadahan, as student also of Xavier University, wants to have a taste and new snack to the campus so we thought to sell it to Xavier University students. 1. Area The company decided to sell the products in SEC Mall, Xavier University. 2. Demographic Profile The company will sell the product to the students of Xavier University in all colleges nd with a daily allowance of 100 and above.

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The company will sell this to students wno are Tina Ing a snack tnat wlll surely satlsTy tn C. Demand and Supply Analysis The survey was done of course to the campus because the company’s target market is the students of Xavier University. The Survey Results and Pie Charts: 1 . Survey Questionnaire Result and Interpretation 1. Do you like Empanada? When we are doing our survey question in the campus we saw in the result that 91% of student in the campus like to eat Empanada and 9% don’t like empanada. 2. If yes hat must be the filling of the Empanada you prefer?

We make them a choice that what they prefer to fill in on the empanada and 45% prefer chicken to be the fill in and 33% on ground beef and 11% for both beef and tuna. 3. What size of Empanada do you prefer? In the 100 people that we conduct survey of what they prefer a bite size or medium size and 90% of student prefer medium size than bite size 10% only. 4. What time do you prefer to eat Empanada? The 100 respondents prefer to eat Empanada in Afternoon than morning and noon but some the Respondents prefer eat in the morning and noon also. . Do you like Empanada with vegetables inside?

We put in our survey question that do they like empanada has a vegetable inside and 77% of students says that they like Empanada has a vegetable inside and 23% doesn’t like empanada has a vegetable inside. 6. If yes what do you prefer? In the previous question 77% of the students said yes and they say 74% of students prefer fill it with potato and 11% on carrots and 15% prefer fill it with cabbage. 7. How much are you willing to spend for a snack daily? We ask them if how much is they spend for a snack daily and 50% says 10-15 pesos nd 24% says 16-20 pesos and 26% says that they spend 21 pesos above for a snack dally. At what price are they willing to buy for Empanada and they say 60% for 25 pesos and 28% for 18 pesos and 12% for 20 pesos. 9. Do you like Empanada that has sauce? We ask them if they prefer Empanada that has sauce and they say 85% of student says yes and 15% of students say no. 10. Do you prefer Empanada has a packaging? We ask them if they like Empanada has a packaging 81% of students said yes and 19 of students says it okay that it has not a packaging. Observation Results Mon Tue Wed Thu

SY BEE TIN: Ham and Cheese WAFFLE TIME: American Hotdog Canadian Bacon Cheese Frank MAGIS CANTEEN: Empanada Total: 9 Fri Total Market Share 9996159795402 52. 14% 302825 33 34150 19. 45% 2021 182021 100 12. 97% 1515 13 16 16789. 72% 123 7 13445. 70% 771 100% Demand per month (Similar Products): 771 x 22 days= 3,393 units 5 days Demand per month for the product: 3,393 units x (market share) = 678. 60/679 units Daily Demand: 22 days Per capital consumption: Product price Total Units Total sales per week P15 P16 P18 771 402 150 75 P6030 P2400 P1800 Pl 350 P572 PCG= 12152= PIZ152 Pl 5. Practices of competitors: SY BEE TIN Location: MAGIS canteen, Xavier University Offers: Hotdog Sausage Price/Price range: Pl 5 Days of Operation: Monday- Saturday WAFFLE TIME Location: MAGIS canteen, xavler unlverslty Offers: Waffle Price/ Price range: P16-18 MAGIS CANTEEN Offers: Empanada Price/ Price range: P13 Days of operation: Monday- Saturday The company’s interview and taste sampling of product was conducted at Xavier University. There are many students in that day so we conducted an interview. Here are the names and comments the students the company interviewed: A. Names of respondents and courses 1.

Nikki Macaspac BSBA- 3 2. Rhys Kirstein Masacay BSBA-3 3. Apple Mae Lumagbas 4. BenJ Chaves 5. Janessa Lavin CE-3 6. Chris Lawrence Idulan B. Feedback and comments What can you say about Yumpanada? “lami siya, labun na ang sulod lami siya. ” “okay lang, okay lang siya, lami ang sulod sa inyung empanada. ” ” Makabusog siya, lami iyang sulod tapos lami ang sauce. ” ” lami siya, lami ang chicken. ” Would you like to avail Yumpanada? All respondents said yes. How much would you spend to Yumpanada? ” mga ani kay 18 cguro akong price na gusto ant” mga 15 cguro akong price ant” “cguro akong price ani kay 18 or 20, depende man pud sa flavor. Other comments/ improvements. “iimprove lang ang inyung sauce mas lami Siya kung mayonnaise” “limprove ang dough, kelangan naa siyay taste” “dili kaayu nako malasahan ang potato, mas chada kung malasahan Siya pero okay naman Kayu slya, laDun na ang suloa D. Sales Projection (in volume and sales) Month Number of Selling Days Units to be sold per day Monthly volume to be produced Monthly Sales June 14 31 434 8680 July 20 620 12400 August 21 651 13020 September 682 13640 October 4 124 400 November 15 465 9300 December 8 248 4960 January February 19 589 11780 March 5 155 3100 E.

Marketing Mix Yumpanada (empanada) is a snack that is deliciously made for customer’s satisfaction and unlike other empanadas they have usual taste and usual look to the customers. The Empanadahan (company) has thought to sell empanada’s that is new taste and new look for the customers. Empanadahan has chicken and ground beef flavors that will surely satisfy our target market but and besides we have two muslims in our group and we put cabbage and potato in it and it has deliciously ade sauce that will surely love the consumers. 2.

Price Our price is based on our interview and the survey questionnaires we conducted. The company also based this price in the direct materials of the product. The company’s Yumpanada is worth P20. OO 3. Place Empanadahan will locat the store at Xavier University SEC Mall because it’s the second entrance of the school and many students go there to buy foods and snacks. Empanadahan’s store will be designed neatly and presentable to the customers. 4. Promotions Market Strategy Description Product Launching Making the people know that this company is existing.

Making Facebook page and distributing flyers to the people. July Photo Liker Each time you like the photos we post then you will Hesta Promo cara If youVe purchased 10 yumpanada this month you will have a free Yumpanada. Pick a Prize The company offers you freebies and more every time you purchase Yumpanada. New Filling New filling will be launched. “Scary isn’t it? ” The company will have a scary face and costumes and designs ti the stores. Christmas Jingle and Costumes The company will sing Christmas songs and wear Santa Hat and store designs.

Freedom Board Each customer could leave comments or messages to the board. February Free Hug Customers who purchase Yumpanada will have a free hug. Buy 2 take 1 Buy 2 Yumpanadas and 1 Yumpanada is yours. F. Marketing / Selling Expenses (Table – Monthly Calendar) MONTH Marketing Strategies Materials / Equipment / Labor Unit Quantity Cost Total Cost Total Monthly Expense Flyers pcs 140 Poster 50 Internet usage hour 225 Fiesta Promo Card Bond paper and print Cartolina and ballpen 10 pc octoDer Haloween mask Haloween decor Santa Hat 45 85 Christmas Decor

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