Plastic Bag Pollution Assignment

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When plastic bags are scattered everywhere on the ground they become sources of water pollution, which will eventually end up in our theaters causing blockage and gives a much inconvenient situation to the society; so Stamford a couple of bags can cause a lot of damage to society. You tell me, have you ever seen plastic floating in your water? Well guess what that comes from not properly disposing your plastic bags. Harmful to the environment Plastic bags are made of various chemicals which are mainly toxic. These chemicals are certainly harmful to the health and the environment.

The chemicals used to make these plastic bags are toxic that are sources of various diseases and disorders in humans such as Selene, ethylene oxide, and engine. They also have negative effects on the air, living organisms (plants) and water. There are two major methods that release the toxic chemicals in the plastic bags which are burning and throwing. Many people, IM pretty sure have thrown plastic bags out the window, in regular trash or just let it go outside not realizing that when they do these things their releasing these very harmful chemicals into the air causing harm to the society.

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Another thing regarding throwing the bags on the ground, animals and birds may mistakenly think they’re food causing poison after being consumed. Now when burning plastic bags the chemicals in them are exposed for humans to inhale them causing problems in the respiratory system. Dumping these bags in water causes sea creatures and fish to live shorter lives and then the entire marine life is also harmed. The cause and effect So what’s that you asked why do we use them?

Well, according to the Australian Government: Department of the Environment, ” plastic bags are popular with consumers and retailers as they are a functional, lightweight, strong CHEAP and hygienic ways to transport food and other products. ” But o know what know is that they only use them because they’re faster to make and ship and they are very CHEAP, regardless of how it affects the environment. Although plastic bags only make up a small percentage of all litter, the impact of these bags is nevertheless significant.

Even though the government is working with industry and the community to reduce the environment impacts of plastic bags, however everyone has some type of responsibility for this problem, from plastic bag manufacturers and importers who sell them, shop keepers that give them away, and the customers who use them which makes it all up to us to help find the solution. Within the last couple of years many people have started using reusable bags, such as “green bags” that can be bought at mostly every grocery store/ super market.

Using these efforts has caused the number of plastic bag use to decrease, but there is a lot more that still can be done. Some of the ways that can help resolve plastic bag pollution are banning the use Of plastic bags or limit your use of them, use CEO-friendly or biodegradable bags, reuse plastic bags , donate plastic bags to recycling centers, and Do Not throw lactic bags outside or on the ground put them in the right garbage.

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