Plastic surgery Assignment

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In addition, there are advantages and disadvantages about plastic surgery. “But what about having cosmetic surgery just to change your appearance? Although plastic Surgery Can be exactly what you need to enhance your self- image, is plastic surgery the right choice for teenagers? ‘ asked DRP. ROSS He answered that as with everything there are right and wrong reasons to have plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is unlikely to change people’s life.

Before they rake the plastic surgery, doctors want or know that teenagers are notionally mature enough to handle the surgery and consider that they do the plastic surgery for the right reasons. Because some doctors won’t do the surgery for teenagers until doctors know they are old enough and stop growing. So listening to the doctors’ advice sis good choice to decide if you still need to take plastic surgery or if having the plastic surgery is a right choice. Moreover, people sometimes overlook the risks.

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But this kind Of question is really important. And what are the risks that people need to consider? DRP. Ross said, “One of the main risks of plastic surgery is that there is no guarantee of the results. Plastic surgery will be cooperated in many times, because the customers are always not satisfied with the outcome, so they want to fix and get more ideal result But the bad thing is people get disfigured after so many surgeries. They Will have psychological problem. ND they’ll storeroom anxiety and desperation, The other main risk tot plastic urge is people need to cost a lot of money to pursue the perfect outlook. ” As the mention above. We know that people often need to do the surgery many times, so they need to pay many times, which means the large amount of money. So before having plastic surgery, considering the risks and the results Will be a clever choice for people. So people want to make their faces more charming by plastic surgery, but people have to remember the risks. If people want to do the surgery, they should measure all the factors.

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