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After being on the defensive almost the whole war, Lee and his unfettered army hoped to win at Gettysburg and reach and take over major cities in Pennsylvania, and Maryland such as Baltimore or Harrisburg. Lee even had thoughts of possibly ending the war by attempting to attain confederate control over the Union capital, Washington D. C. After, the Confederate States army had to retreat back into the South. Another reason the Battle of Gettysburg was a significant battle is that it was and still is to this day, the bloodiest day in American history. 70,000 soldiers were fighting for the union and confederates at the Battle of Gettysburg. According to historians. Com, over one third of the soldiers either died, suffered injuries, or went missing. Seven thousand were found dead, thirteen thousand wounded, and eleven thousand missing. In 1 863, a couple years into the Civil War, which most people living in the Union thought would last a few months, many people from the Union may have been thinking is it worth it to continue? Is it worth it to continue more bloodshed?

The Battle of Gettysburg had a significance because it allowed Abraham Lincoln to make a speech in which he expressed his reason for his dedication to winning this war. When invited to give a dedication to union soldiers who died in Gettysburg at the peeing of the Gettysburg National Cemetery, Lincoln, who was dedicated to keeping the country together at all costs, Lincoln jumped on the opportunity and gave the Gettysburg address. During the concise speech, Lincoln thanked the soldiers who died during the battle and gives a justification for the war.

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According to a college teacher going by epinephrine on notes. Com, The Battle of Gettysburg was the South’s last chance to successfully secede and win the war. When they lost, they lost their chance at a country filled with slavery. It was the South’s last chance to win because he South planned to invade the North, which would severely help the South’s chance in the war and give them the turning point in the war. In conclusion, the Battle of Gettysburg is significant because it was the turning point of the war.

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