Pollution is a consistent demolition of the Earth Assignment

Pollution is a consistent demolition of the Earth Assignment Words: 323

Some people might think that using plastic bottles doesn’t even affect our impute on pollution but it actually is one of the major causes of pollution in the ocean. Pollution is pressing issue that only we can solve through time and effort. So why does it really matter if we fix it? To save our planet and example of this displayed in a movie that came out recently by Paxar Studio, Wall-E. It is a story of a small robot, the only living thing left on the earth, and it is his duty to clean up the debris the humans had left behind.

The whole planet had en consumed by all the trash and garbage that the humans just threw into the ocean and even space. This movie was a statement about what our actions are eventually going to lead too. To help get this issue under control it is going to take some time and effort on every ones part, even just the little things can make a huge difference if everyone would all participate. For instance if we all brought our own reusable bags to the department or grocery stores think of how many plastic bags would be saved. Or even just plastic water bottles if everyone just reused one.

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Everyone can make a difference in time; it just takes a little effort. In time the evidence of pollution in the ocean will become obvious even to the most oblivious people. It will invade the beaches and rivers of our own country; that is when it becomes our problem also. If we don’t try to solve this issue it will spread all over the world invading our beaches in Florida or California. The pollution in the ocean is increasingly high and shows no signs stopping. Certain places in the world have already been affected by this issue and it only getting worse.

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