Geography on Crowded Coasts Assignment

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Florida is located on the on south east sea bound of the United States of America. It is a peninsula and is a popular destination from tourists from all over the world as well as visitors from other parts of the USA. There are many factors that make Florida a magnet for visitors.. The coast is the most popular area of Florida as it allows access to Florist’s many beaches, 75% of people in Florida live along the coast. Firstly Florida is very close to the Caribbean islands and it enjoys a very warm climate which is Just as good as most Caribbean countries.

Florida enjoys over 300 days of sunshine every ear which makes it extremely attractive for holiday makers looking for a nice relaxing destination with good weather. Also the warm climate attracts meaner that Florida is the perfect place for families to move to achieve a better quality of life due to the lovely weather and range of activities and experiences Florida offers. Florida has some of the most beautiful coasts in the world so it no surprise that their coasts are crowded, Places such as Miami and Tampa Bay attract many spring breakers looking for a fun time on the beaches and clubs of Florida.

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Florida also has a lot of Flat coastland which meaner it is very good land to develop on which makes parts of Florida like Miami extremely desirable for wealthy people who are looking for a nice place to retire to. In terms of economic factors, Florida has a plentiful number of tourist attractions which captivates over 75 million visitors a year. This has meant that many people might have moved to the area to secure Jobs at the many tourist attractions in Florida. Another important economical factor for the crowded coasts are the dramatic fall in house prices in Florida, some parts of Florida such as Fort

Myers have seen a 60% in house prices as house prices have plummeted to an extremely low $120,990. This makes Florida more accessible to more people which meaner more people are moving there as they are now able to afford it. In addition to this, thousands of retired adults move to Florida to exploit the cheap housing and cheaper lifestyle in general. The weather is an added bonus. When it comes to the environment, Florida has a lot to offer. Florida is filled with white sandy beaches and clear blue seas. The lovely waters in Florida mean that cannoning is widely available or visitors as well as other water sports.

This draws in many resident’s to the coast as it is extremely desirable to be close to the water. In relation to Florist’s lakes and seas, fishing has become a very popular activity among locals and tourists. Reddish point aka Cape Coral is particularly prominent with tourists and locals as it offers many recreation activities such as golf and tennis. Furthermore, Florist’s wildlife appeals to a wide range of people from all over the world, Cape Coral offers the chance of glimpsing manatees which are an endangered species that are rarely seen y most people.

Moreover a multitude of people visit every year to Whale watch as Florida has one of the biggest sea worlds in the world. Overall there are many different factors which have all collectively contributed to the overcrowding of Florist’s coasts. All of these factors are a result of Florist’s diverse and unique feel. People are very fond of Florida and as it continues to offer tourists and locals an experience that will have them coming back annually for many years to come. Geography Essay on Crowded Coasts By Carelessness

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