Geography – The Butler Model Assignment

Geography – The Butler Model Assignment Words: 346

Throughout the years there have been a lot of changes with the amounts of tourists In the UK and abroad. The amount of tourists In the UK have stayed within a certain amount, the peak being 40 million and the lowest was 29 million which means that the range was only 11 million. However the number of tourists going abroad has overall increased from 4 million to 26 million which means in has increased by 22 million, but the amount of tourists in the UK has always been higher than the amount f tourists traveling abroad.

Overall the figures show that more UK residents are holidaying within the ELK, this could be down to the prices of holidays abroad, so while many more people are traveling further field for exploration and different climates, holidaying in the UK is still the cheaper and more affordable option. Question 2: Explain using an example how tourist resorts fit the Butler model (6 marks) One example of a tourist resort that fits the Butler model is Ovenbird.

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Ovenbird darted out as a small tourist attraction until people started to visit and explore, which led to them putting money into the area so it could develop into a larger tourist destination which In turn invited more tourists. Over time Ovenbird became tired and less popular with wealthy tourists, and more popular with stag and hen parties and cheap holidays. Ovenbird was reborn into a popular tourist destination and family resort thanks to the popularity of the comedy show. Another example Is Lass Vegas.

This started as a small town In the middle of the desert that legalized gambling, which became hugely popular In the sass and sass when many famous people would vaults there. Lass Vegas gained a bad reputation through mafia involvement which stopped many tourists from visiting the city. In recent years Lass Vegas has become a popular destination again thanks to the decline of organized crime and many entrepreneurs and business men reinvesting in the city making it a more commercialese, family orientated destination.

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