Geography and economics Assignment

Geography and economics Assignment Words: 264

Geography is the study of earth and its land, features, inhabitants and phenomena. It is divided into physical geography and human geography. The physical geography deals with the study of natural environment and its features such as climate, soil, land, water, minerals etc. The human geography focuses on the major characteristics of human beings such as population, age structure, literacy, density. It also deals with study of human achievements like means of communication, transport, trade etc.

Economics is the branch of social science that deals with the production, distribution, consumption of goods and services and their management. The study of Geography & Economics requires a deep and intrinsic understanding of concepts. Hence to ease this task we bring to you “SST IX: Geography and Economics” a complete and thorough guide critically analyses and extensively drafted to boost the students confidence. The question answer format of this book helps the student to understand and grasp each and every concept thoroughly.

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It consists of a variety of questions, appropriate blanks, match the following and give reasons with proper reasoning. In Geography section, chapter summaries are provided wherever necessary. And lastly, I would like to thank all those who have helped me in preparing this book. There is always room for improvement and hence we welcome all suggestions and regret any errors that may have occurred in the making of this book. A book affects eternity; one can never tell where its influence stops. Best of luck to all the aspirants! From Publisher Contents No. Topic Name page No.

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