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The world we live on is fully packed with interesting places, people, cultures and environments. Our planet Earth is the also the only planet that we can live on. We as citizens of the world need to understand our environment and need to informed how crucial our environment is. By learning geography we are gathering more knowledge on our planet. By gathering more knowledge we can understand our environment more clearly and more in depth. We also need to be informed that our environment in danger.

When we understand how crucial our environment is than we start to realism why our environment is so important. We also realism that we need to keep our environment safe, alive and clean. This causes us to think of ways to help our environment and how we can be more involved. We also need to have a decent amount of knowledge when it comes to simple features of our world for example how many and what our continents are called our natural power source the sun, our major oceans, water systems, some of our major land marks, animals etc. We need to know some of these things because most of those things effect our daily life!

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Learning geography is very important because we need to have an understanding of the geography of the past times and how the geography has played very Important roles in the evolution of people, their ideas, places and events. Geography is VERY important because we need to have a good understanding of our precious environment, we also need to have a decent amount of knowledge In things that may impact our dally life and It Is crucial to know past geography and how It has Impacted us. So geography Is unquestionably Important and It really DOSE MATTER.

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