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If we get them involved with Rugby early on, it will only grow. 2) Children make up for an immense level of spending and buying power- equally out to be over $20 billion annually. If we can tap into that, then it will only ensure the survival of both the sport and our business. The main ploy in advertising to kids, for us, is to just create brand awareness- we simply want to show them what Rugby has to offer and, if it’s something they are interested in, then by all means, we are here to suffice their every want and need.

Abstract First will describe what my Creative Brief entails, which will go more in epithet on topics including my Objective, Target Audience, Message Theme, etc. Once this has been established, my Advertisement descriptions will start, first being with my advert designated to show that Rugby is a sport for all ages, as well as a life time sport. This will be done through showing players in different stages of their lives playing the sport with great passion worn on their faces.

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The next advert focuses on the influx of girls playing the game of Rugby and how this is fast becoming more accepted- as it should be. This advert will showcase this notion through the transition of a major famous male Rugby player: depicting her path to greatness from child to teen to young adult to champion. This will also put emphasis on inner strength in women to overcome stereotypes that women are too weak to play such a physical sport, etc. It is meant to inspire. Thirdly, this will be an advert dedicated to the camaraderie and brotherhood of the sport.

Much emphasis will be put on becoming a unitary and cohesive force through the depiction of professional players linking together to sing their national anthem, as well as sharing a victory with one another post-scoring. Lastly, but not “least-IV’, our advert for Protective Rugby wear. This advertisement will focus most closely on Scrum Caps and we will position ourselves to show that parents that they are valuable in professional play, while also showing children they are still “cool” for wearing them- this will be done through taking of the most influential players in the game and putting them side by side.

Creative Brief My objective is to expose children to the game of Rugby through cool and intriguing adverts that will pique their interest, while also gaining consent and appreciation of their parents. Through doing this, we will increase brand awareness of, both, Rugby and World Rugby Shop, respectively. My Audience is pre-teens, including children aged 7-12, as well as the parents of this demographic. My Message Theme is that Rugby is fun and exciting, as well as a great way to stay healthy and in shape.

It’s a sporty can play with your friends and family of all sizes and ages. Moreover, also plan on tailoring the adverts to alleviate any preconceived notion(s) and/or concern(s) parents may have about the sport (i. E. Physicality). This will be done through specific ad ligament of promoting the legal protective gear that parents can purchase for their children (most especially, at our website) such as Scrum Caps, Mouth Guards, Under Armor, Padding, etc. This will, in turn, result in further revenue for our company.

My Support will be statistics based on the amount of injuries and concussions sustained whilst playing American Football compared to the amount sustained whilst playing Rugby. This will be used to show that American Football (a sport most commonly played in America) is riddled with, and far surpasses, injuries and concussions in comparison to Rugby. Playing Rugby teaches you how to properly tackle- that is, leading with your shoulder, not your head, as they do in American Football- Rugby also teaches you how to properly fall when being tackled and, overall, how to play safe, by playing smart.

My Constraints include the fact that parents and youth players may prefer seeing the product and trying the product on before purchasing it. Feel this is not applicable in this day and age, as many leading sites such as Amazon flourish from having a plethora of online orders. This is in part due to the sheer convenience of not having to leave your home to arches items- you can buy them from the safety and comfort of your own home. This notion will be one that we target in our campaign.

Moreover, our return policy will be magnified to show that we are extremely courteous and reasonable with our customers when it comes to an item they wish to refund. Returns are made easy and stress-free, as we do not hesitate to grant refunds or exchanges if the product is not the right size, damaged within the respective time frame post-purchase, etc. Rugby Advert 1 – Age Progression The objective of this form of advertisement is to show that Rugby is, not only, a lifetime sport but also a sport that can be played by all ages and stages of life (i. . Children, young adults, adults – schoolchild, university student, business man, etc). By integrating the team aspects that are prevalent within each age group, it promotes, not only, the longevity of the game but also the teamwork and allegiance that comes with it. We kick to use Emotional Appeals when designing this advert. We feel that it is a notion that most people can relate to- that is, starting something at a young age and progressing in it as you progress from childhood to adulthood.

Because this dead is applicable to nearly 100% of the population worldwide, it lays the foundation for customer and brand loyalty because the viewer gains an attachment to the advert. The viewer puts himself/herself in the picture and they see it more clearly, which ‘hits home’ a bit more for them. Furthermore, by doing this, we also want to promote a major aspect of Rugby which is discipline, and express that, with enough practice, dedication and talent, anyone can make their dream of becoming a professional athlete become a reality.

It’s a hopeful and intuitive sentimental piece. Rugby Advert 2 – Girls It’s no secret that many parents worry about their sons playing such a physical sport, however, for most; having their daughter(s) play is out of the question. With this advertisement launch, we want to angle it from a Visual Ad perspective so that it promotes the idea that it’s okay for girls to play Rugby. What’s more, We want the ad to come from a perspective of strength and perseverance within women- a measure of breaking boundaries set against women in athletics and, in general, life.

Ideally, we have the advertisement set up as a progression of a little girl which the ad focuses on. The first will be the little girl learning the game in a school-ruled manner, the second the same girl as a teenager looking to be better, the third picture being the same girl playing for a popular club side as a young adult, and then, finally, the last will be the same girl (who turns out to be the famous Rugby player) clad in her country colors standing very strong and very dignified in a sentimental close-up shot. She is a Champion.

Rugby Advert 3 – Camaraderie & Brotherhood There is no questioning that Rugby is a full-fledged team sport- you depend on your players just as they depend on you. Without each other, there is no team- there is no Rugby. The way we want to direct this advert is to show, both, parents and children the unification of players bound together (see line up picture). The type of advertising we look to use for both of these specified prints are Rational Advertising. This is a form of marketing that is most successful in print, and we look to capitalize on that completely.

In regards to our first ad, we would like to have the famous poem “Invites” (written by William Ernest Henley) read down the side of it. This poem is: “Out of the night that covers me, Beyond this place of wrath and tears Black as the Pit from pole to pole, whatever gods may be unconquerable soul. ” Looms but the Horror of the shade, thank And yet the menace of the years For my Finds, and shall find, me unafraid” “In the fell clutch of circumstance have not winced nor cried aloud. It matters not how strait the gate, I How charged with punishments the scroll Under the bludgeoning of chance am the master of my fate; My head is bloody, but unbowed. ” I am the captain of my soul. ” With the second advert, we see children in game play with their teammates ND it’s meant to correlate directly with a picture of professional Rugby players doing the same. By aligning a picture of youth Rugby players contending together and supporting one another while also depicting professionals in the same light will create a direct understanding in children’s minds that- that could be them.

Rugby Advert 4 – Protection for ANY Position This advertisement will be, primarily, directed toward parents and their concerns about the physicality of Rugby and the effect it will have on their children. We will be promoting our product, the Scrum Cap through Persuasion Advertising. This will be achieved through using the most famous faces in Rugby whom use Scrum Caps when they play which will, in turn, demonstrate to parents that professionals hold value in the item; and it also shows children that it’s “cool” to play smart by playing safe.

By persuading parents of the benefits of purchasing one, it will change their view of Rugby and show that it is not as dangerous as, say, American Football. This will also be shown through statistics that can be placed on top of the advertisement which read, number of injuries sustained while playing American Football: ‘x mount’- and injuries sustained whilst playing Rugby: ‘x amount’. The number is considerably lower and so, this will most especially help persuade parents to purchase more gear from our site.

Furthermore, an interesting angle we would like to use in our ad placement for the kids mostly is that: This is an item that is good for everyone, from kicking for territory and points as a back, to plowing your way through the line as a forward. Conclusion As shown, this advertising campaign not only builds brand awareness for our company but, in the greater scheme of things, for the game of Rugby as well.

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