An Evaluation of the Effects of a Global Advertising Campaign Assignment

An Evaluation of the Effects of a Global Advertising Campaign Assignment Words: 2025

An evaluation of the effects of a global advertising campaign Advertising is a general method used by many companies and organizations all over the world. Those organizations or companies use advertising in order to increase selling of the company goods as well as services. More than one hundreds of ads are publicized throughout the mass media such as television, newspaper, radio, billboards as well as the internet. These channels are major tools that we use and see in everyday life. Nevertheless, not many products will be successful, nor become remembrance for everyone. However, PEPSI advertisings are different.

This is because most of their customers have brand loyalty which probably the key to the company success. Hence, this report will evaluate the effects of a global advertising campaign of PEPSI Company that has made PEPSI to become one of the most successful brands in the world. History of Pepsi advertising There are many advertisings campaign of Pepsi which have been achieved and be successful. For example, in 1995, “Nothing Else Is a Pepsi” advertising campaign was a campaign which had the highest popularity ratings and won at the prestigious Cannes Advertising Festival.

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As a result, this campaign had affected as the “Choice of a New Generation” in 195 countries around the world (PepsiCo, Inc, 2008). Moreover, “Joy of Pepsi” campaign was also very famous and be successful in 2001. For example, PepsiCo brought Britney Spears who is the star in blockbuster that come to be the actor in Pepsi commercial that breaks during the Academy Awards. As a result, there are many fans of Britney Spears about 2 million come to click to see the spot debuts online of Britney’s own version of the “Joy of Pepsi”. These are just some examples ad campaign of Pepsi.

However, there are other ad campaigns which has achieved and be successful as “Generation Next” and “Pepsi. It’s the Cola” (PepsiCo, Inc, 2008). The example of strategy in Pepsi advertisement In Pepsi world 2000, the Pepsi cooperation is regarding to Pepsi is not only has a good taste but also offer good times to drinkers as well. The advertisement of Pepsi is very effective as it has a high quality product with strong connections to popular entertainment. The consumer is left to infer that drinking Pepsi has other advantage besides the taste of the cola.

This strategy can be appealed the emotional desire of the consumer for entertainment and enjoyment. In a part of pictured in big and bold blues and reds, the ad introduces viewer links to concerts, games, music as well as movies. The assist of the warrant is indicated by the consumer’s belief that the ad is not telling lie and it can show that Pepsi can offer free merchandise and sound clips. Therefore, the advertisements are very efficient in presenting the Pepsi cooperation as creative organization as well as an innovative (Ray, n. . ) In January 2007, Pepsi-Cola found a new way to reach to consumer by difference way and never did it before. Pepsi connected with consumers through out a global brand restyle as “a 360 degree marketing campaign of Pepsi can be responded all around the world on any media such as in print, packaging, radio, online and television. It is not only package look different but also it is different of Pepsi bottles, cans and cups (Bradley, 2007). Therefore, Pepsi’s global brand restyle will be show up in new ad campaigns.

From the research, PepsiCo Inc, move to target to Chinese consumer, this is because there are more thousands answering its call to develop TV ad for mainland audiences. As the consumers are often using the internet to develop content, so, Pepsi’s push taps into a global teenager trend of creation and individual express (Atifa, 2006). Table 1: Market Segmentation Variables Demographic Segmentation AgeTeenagers, and young adults GenderMale and Female OccupationStudent and worker Psychographic Segmentation Psychographic LifestyleActive, In-trend, Sportsman, Mobile Segmentation Analysis Demographic Segmentation Analysis For demographic segmentation, market is divided based on variables such as age, gender, income, occupation, social class and nationality (Kotler & Keller, 2006). For several years the main consumers of PEPSI were teenagers and young adults. Most of its advertisings used teenager presenters or superstars who were hero of young people. This is because superstars have ability to influence the teenager. This target group seems to act and consume in the same way as their heroes or superstars. Those Pepsi’s main attention on this segment they also target on the 12 ??? 18 years old market.

This is because Pepsi trusts that if they can get this market to adopt their product then they can establish a loyal customer for life (PepsiCo, Inc, 2008). ?Psychographic Segmentation Analysis For psychographic segmentation, market is divided into group based on psychological/personal traits and lifestyle (Kotler & Keller, 2006). The target audiences of Pepsi have high expectations in life and also very active. Moreover, they can adopt a lifestyle of living to stay for today and they are not worrying what they will do in the future and not worrying about long term goals of their life.

From several Pepsi ad campaign, although you are the persons who have whatever lifestyle or difference lifestyle, you still can drink Pepsi but the target audiences will be modern and like to do the activities, this is because this target group like to be fresh and cool person. The example of Advertising campaign in many countries India This example attempts to show the miscommunication in advertisement happening in India. Pepsi created this ad aiming children as its target group in the hope to expand the market but the reaction of Indian people was far from what they expected.

Pepsi advertising in India, depicting a young Indian boy carrying a tray of Pepsi drinks to the players of Indian national cricket team, was claimed by Indian child labour activists to promote child labour. Child labour activists filed a complaint seeking to ban the ad as they viewed the ad as the media trying to undermine the dignity of children and harm the sense of morality. They insisted the media should know better to take responsibility in protecting children rights. Pepsi, however, denied the charge. Pepsi did not believe the ad had any intention to promote child abour and in no way violated the anti child labours principles. Pepsi argued that the ad was about cricket and how the sport brings joy and excitement to the young. The child labour activist group involved in this case is known to have targeted other companies on similar charges in the recent past (Rose, 2004). As a result, the miscommunication in Pepsi ad resulted in the protest by child labour activists and followed by the prohibition of the ad in India. If Pepsi put this advertisement in some other countries the result might be different since all countries have different cultures and different points of view.

One should think of every aspect that would have the effect on the people when it comes to advertisement. Brazil The U. S. Pepsi ad campaign was transformed by the advertising executive to join the Pepsi generation which has been used in Brazil as “Join the Pepsi Revolution”. It demonstrates that most people have no word to express their need for social change more than the changing of brands and increasing their consumption (Lanus, n. d. ). In addition, the global advertising campaign of Pepsi provides both good and bad things.

It can distribute the transnational culture but it also can destroy the traditional culture. Furthermore, the global marketing strategy is difficult to be destroyed. This is because the message “we will sell you a culture” has effected in the global advertising campaign, some Pepsi ad campaign is provided and used in all countries that a product will be distributed. As a result, when the company created ad campaigns and it is used in Brazil, it may destroy the traditional culture of people (Lanus, n. d. ).

Consequently, when the creators create the global advertising campaign which will distribute to all countries around the world, they have to think whether that campaign will be able to be publicized. Thailand In Thailand, PEPSI has published both the advertisements which are from the United States and the ones that were produced in Thailand. For example, during the World Cup, PEPSI would select well-known soccer players as its presenters in order to represent that PEPSI is there for you in every occasions. This ad was also shown in Thailand because there are many soccer fans in Thailand.

The idea of this campaign is to show that the soccer player drinks PEPSI, so you should like PEPSI too (Kosanathai. com, n. d. ). In 2007, the famous Thai singers were selected from Pepsi to be the presenters of its campaign under the slogan “Live your life! ” The target group of this campaign is the teenagers in every level. In this case, if Pepsi Company has chosen the famous international presenters, the ad campaign probably might have not reached to the local main target group. In some degrees, the local presenters are more suitable since they speak the local language and therefore, easily to communicate with the target group.

Additionally, Pepsi formed the events in various entertaining places such as local pubs which are for local teenagers and generation X. Therefore, Pepsi could ask its presenters to perform in those places which could directly promote the product to the target. This campaign had been published about three months. It can increase Pepsi sells, especially in pubs, which means this campaign is successful in term of the target and presenter selection (Sermsuk PLC, 2008). Another product of Pepsi The other thing that Pepsi has to consider about it is how can it extend the consumer?

At the present, a new target group for Pepsi is people aged 23-29, who worry about their bodies and health. It is also including people who like to drink soft drinks but do not like the carbonation and sugar in them. Therefore, Pepsi Company thinks that they have to create a new product which can respond the consumer. So, Pepsi launched diet Pepsi to publish with no sugar, no calories and no carburet. Besides, it is still to make a new brand. For instance, “Gatorade” for sport drink and brand “Tropicana” for juice drink.

Therefore, those new brands which Pepsi created can be open the opportunity for making a new market of Pepsi as well (Thannews, 2008). Strengths of Pepsi advertising ?Pepsi Co. has more expert in term of marketing for explaining an article of market and the primary target of Pepsi is teenagers who prefer group express, activities themselves in their own ways and have similar like. ?For the football strategy, Pepsi creates the strategy as they give some offer (Promotion) to the consumer. For example, they give the chance to consumer who needs to be closed the superstar football player like David Beckham. Pepsi use different market mediums to promote the advertising. They can provide a good celebrity endorsements and music in commercials. Weaknesses of Pepsi advertising ?Some Pepsi ads cannot use in world wide this is because different culture. For example the case in India. ?Hit-or-miss advertising, not as attractive as coca-cola ads which equal less dependability for mass marketing campaigns. In conclusion Even today Pepsi is the one of leader of beverage industry but it still follow the Coca-Cola so it has to do every way to gain more market share and keep its position in the top of cola beverage.

As we know the main customer target is teenagers and young adults and they have similarly interested around the world. As the evaluation of the effects of a global advertising campaign of Pepsi, it can indicate that any ad campaign of Pepsi can distribute to consumer by many ways such as radio, internet, in print and particularly television which is a main medium that can reach to consumer well known. Therefore, most ad campaign of Pepsi which launched in any counties all over the world is very successful and be achieve as follow its plan.

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