Digital Marketing Campaign Assignment

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The brand is using social media to identify how it can improve travel for guests and intention to deliver the Doublet by Hilton brand promises. Additionally, the brand is using this unique method to engage and further enhance their online community(Stubs, 2012). The results of this campaign was highly successful as can be measured with the growth in Doublet by Hilton ‘s online community only in the first ten days of the launching: 30% increase – Faceable likes 15% increase – Twitter followers 14% increase – Faceable fan base 427% increase – Faceable engagement metric ‘People Talking About This’

This campaign is part of a full strategy which begun with an investment in training to provide the staff with the necessary resources to execute a localized social media strategy. The launching of its own Youth channel called Tour in April 2013 came after a research that shows that 70 percent of people don’t know where they’re going when they start to plan a trip. The aim of the Tour campaign is get a full digital engagement in the Travel Market, ‘allowing travelers to post their own videos and tips while also helping them plan and book trips'(Cooker, 2013).

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The use of several digital media channels to promote the campaign is one of the reasons of the success, with ads in BBC and Lonely Planet’s websites and promotions on Twitter and Foursquare, linked with specialized travel media like ‘The Travel Junkie’ for theft Host Julia Idiom. Doublet by Hilton ‘s online social influence has increase as we can check in the Clout score, but the most successful digital channel used is Twitter, as a powerful tool to provide customer service to their guests, attending customers request and incidences very quickly and efficiently.

The company is getting valuable feedback from the guests with a smart use of social media and content marketing, encouraging sharing and ongoing engagement(Chaffed, Ellis-Chadwick, 2012) with customers and prospects. A successful campaign like this and specially the good liaison and harmony between all the networks and channel used is a perfect example to base the ‘X’ campaign. In order to get this important target will be fundamental to use an automated social networking tool. There are many suitable software to choose: Zapper, Whiteouts, Post Planner are some examples.

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