Consumer and Advertising Assignment

Consumer and Advertising Assignment Words: 260

The first point to make simplify is that advertisement makes us spent money that we do not need to. Nowadays, many companies promote their products and services in different ways, from the TV commercial to simply fliers, that we cannot escape it. For instance, whenever you watch a football mach on television, you will see the logos Of sponsors on billboards. Likewise, whenever you watch a latest movie, you will see products placed in film by some advertising agencies.

These volume of advertising affect us, as nonusers, tend to be profoundly influenced it and buy without thinking. It is not easy to decide how to regulate advertising. The government has also placed some restriction on the harmful advertisement such as those for tobacco or alcohol. However, advertisement costs companies a lot of money and even after proper plans and implementations there are hidden costs which will burn our pockets. Therefore, we need to use our commonsense when we go to the shops and ask ourselves whether we really need to buy hat product or not.

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Especially, the young people, in particular, they should have more concern about participating in other activities rather than spending most of time for shopping. My conclusion is that while we cannot escape advertisements and its their effect on the modern world, parents should encourage their children not to pay too much attention to them. Advertisements are truly supposed to be for the consumers to understand well the products rather than luring them in to buying it.

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